Vascular Plants of Beaver Brook Reservation (2013–2022)
As of 10 March 2024, the checklist contained 365 species including 158 non-native (marked *), of which 55 are invasive (marked **). State-listed species are marked "T" (Threatened), "E" (Endangered), "SC" (Special Concern), or "WL" (Watch-Listed) in red font. Plants whose images remain unpublished are included in the list without links. Doubtful identifications are usually excluded.

This is a list of plants we have photographed in the Beaver Brook Reservation (Belmont & Waltham). It includes some species whose images remain unpublished. Some common weedy plants listed by Deane (1896), such as Capsella bursa-pastoris, Scleranthus annuus, Rumex acetosella, or Poai spp. should still occur there but have not yet been photographed.


Equisetaceae (Horsetail Family)
Equisetum arvense L. [remove: L. ] (field horsetail, common horsetail) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6046: Equisetum arvense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6046>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1535cs', '20200515olymp1534cs', '20200508olymp1194s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1534cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Equisetum arvense</i> L.'}
Onocleaceae (Sensitive Fern Family)
Onoclea sensibilis L. [remove: L. ] (sensitive fern) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6039: Onoclea sensibilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6039>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0728cs', '20130808ricoh4044cs', '20200508olymp1076s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0728cs', '20200508olymp1076s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Onoclea sensibilis</i> L.'}
Osmundaceae (Flowering Fern Family)
Osmunda claytoniana L. [remove: L. ] (interrupted fern) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6090: Osmunda claytoniana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6090>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0855cs', '20200506olymp0854cs', '20200508olymp1073cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0855cs', '20200506olymp0854cs', '20200508olymp1073cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmunda claytoniana</i> L.'}
Osmunda regalis ssp. spectabilis (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve [remove: (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve ] (American royal fern) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6091: Osmunda regalis ssp. spectabilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6091>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1981'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmunda regalis</i> ssp. <i>spectabilis</i> (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve'}
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum (L.) C.Presl [remove: (L.) C.Presl ] (cinnamon fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6088: Osmundastrum cinnamomeum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6088>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0836cs', '20180613olymp1983'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0836cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmundastrum cinnamomeum</i> (L.) C.Presl'}
Thelypteridaceae (Marsh Fern Family)
Parathelypteris noveboracensis (L.) Ching [remove: (L.) Ching ] (New York fern) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6100: Parathelypteris noveboracensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6100>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1553cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parathelypteris noveboracensis</i> (L.) Ching'}
Woodsiaceae (Woodsia Family)
Athyrium angustum (Willd.) C.Presl [remove: (Willd.) C.Presl ] (northern ladyfern) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6017: Athyrium angustum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6017>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1202s', '20200508olymp1075cs', '20200508olymp1074cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1202s', '20200508olymp1075cs', '20200508olymp1074cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Athyrium angustum</i> (Willd.) C.Presl'}


Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)
Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana [remove: virginiana ] (eastern red cedar) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6504: Juniperus virginiana var. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6504>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1469s', '20200515olymp1430cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1469s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juniperus virginiana</i> L. var. <i>virginiana</i>'}
Pinaceae (Pine Family)
Picea abies (L.) H.Karst. [remove: (L.) H.Karst. ] (Norway spruce) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6510: Picea abies>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6510>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0979s', '20200508olymp1150cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0979s', '20200508olymp1150cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Picea abies</i> (L.) H.Karst.'}
Pinus strobus L. [remove: L. ] (white pine) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6520: Pinus strobus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6520>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0839s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pinus strobus</i> L.'}
Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr. [remove: (L.) Carr. ] (eastern hemlock) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 6523: Tsuga canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6523>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1162cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1162cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tsuga canadensis</i> (L.) Carr.'}
Taxaceae (Yew Family)
Taxus baccata L. [remove: L. ] (English yew) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15995: Taxus baccata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15995>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1516c'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Taxus baccata</i> L.'}
Taxus cuspidata Sieb. & Zucc. [remove: Sieb. & Zucc. ] (Japanese yew) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13406: Taxus cuspidata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13406>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0881cs', '20200506olymp0883cs', '20200515olymp1490cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0881cs', '20200506olymp0883cs', '20200515olymp1490cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Taxus cuspidata</i> Sieb. & Zucc.'}


Agavaceae (Agave Family)
Yucca filamentosa L. [remove: L. ] (Spanish bayonet, Adam's needle) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10001: Yucca filamentosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10001>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4127cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4127cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Yucca filamentosa</i> L.'}
Alismataceae (Water Plantain Family)
Alisma triviale Pursh [remove: Pursh ] (larger water plantain, northern water plantain) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14924: Alisma triviale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14924>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4088cs', '20201002olymp4087cs', '20201004olymp4220cs', '20201004olymp4219cs', '20201004olymp4218cs', '20220810olymp3265cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4088cs', '20201004olymp4219cs', '20201004olymp4218cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Alisma triviale</i> Pursh'}
Sagittaria latifolia Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (common arrowhead, duck potato) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10004: Sagittaria latifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10004>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4009cs', '20201002olymp4100cs', '20201002olymp4099cs', '20201002olymp4091cs', '20220810olymp3274s', '20180712olymp3791'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4100cs', '20201002olymp4099cs', '20201002olymp4091cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sagittaria latifolia</i> Willd.'}
Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis Family)
Allium canadense L. var. canadense [remove: L. ] (wild garlic, meadow garlic) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13110: Allium canadense var. canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13110>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2964cs', '20200722olymp2963cs', '20180613olymp1971', '20180613olymp2056'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2964cs', '20200722olymp2963cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Allium canadense</i> L. var. <i>canadense</i>'}
Allium oleraceum L. [remove: L. ] (European wild garlic) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16688: Allium oleraceum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16688>, 'images': ['20180713olymp3902cs', '20180713olymp3892cs', '20180713olymp3891cs', '20180713olymp3890cs', '20180713olymp3889cs', '20180712olymp3851s', '20180712olymp3846', '20180712olymp3845cs', '20180712olymp3845sc', '20180712olymp3844cs', '20180712olymp3843s'], 'pubimages': ['20180713olymp3902cs', '20180713olymp3891cs', '20180713olymp3890cs', '20180712olymp3851s', '20180712olymp3843s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Allium oleraceum</i> L.'}
Allium vineale L. [remove: L. ] (field garlic, crow garlic) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12238: Allium vineale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12238>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0730s', '20180427olymp0882s', '20200508olymp1152s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0730s', '20180427olymp0882s', '20200508olymp1152s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Allium vineale</i> L.'}
Narcissus pseudonarcissus L. [remove: L. ] (wild daffodil, trumpet daffodil) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13303: Narcissus pseudonarcissus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13303>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1055cs', '20200508olymp1054s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1055cs', '20200508olymp1054s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Narcissus pseudonarcissus</i> L.'}
Araceae (Arum Family)
Arisaema stewardsonii Britton [remove: Britton ] (swamp Jack-in-the-pulpit) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16284: Arisaema stewardsonii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16284>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0986s', '20200508olymp0988s', '20200508olymp0987cs', '20200508olymp1003cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0986s', '20200508olymp1003cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arisaema stewardsonii</i> Britton'}
Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott ex Schott & Endl. [remove: (L.) Schott ex Schott & Endl. ] (woodland Jack-in-the-pulpit) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10005: Arisaema triphyllum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10005>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4194cs', '20200506olymp0911cs', '20200506olymp0910cs', '20180613olymp2057', '20180613olymp2058', '20180613olymp2059', '20180613olymp2060', '20180613olymp2061'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0911cs', '20200506olymp0910cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arisaema triphyllum</i> (L.) Schott ex Schott & Endl.'}
Lemna minor L. [remove: L. ] (common duckweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13268: Lemna minor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13268>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4377cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lemna minor</i> L.'}
Peltandra virginica (L.) Raf. ex Schott [remove: (L.) Raf. ex Schott ] (green arrow arum, bog arum, tuckahoe) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10006: Peltandra virginica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10006>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1541s', '20200515olymp1540cs', '20200515olymp1538cs', '20200529olymp1863cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1541s', '20200515olymp1538cs', '20200529olymp1863cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Peltandra virginica</i> (L.) Raf. ex Schott'}
Symplocarpus foetidus (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. [remove: (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. ] (skunk cabbage) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10007: Symplocarpus foetidus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10007>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0868cs', '20200506olymp0900s', '20200506olymp0699cs', '20200508olymp1191s'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0868cs', '20200506olymp0900s', '20200506olymp0699cs', '20200508olymp1191s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symplocarpus foetidus</i> (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt.'}
Asphodelaceae (Asphodel Family)
Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L. [remove: (L.) L. ] (orange daylily) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10029: Hemerocallis fulva>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10029>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1078s', '20200508olymp1029s', '20200722olymp2919s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1078s', '20200508olymp1029s', '20200722olymp2919s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hemerocallis fulva</i> (L.) L.'}
Ornithogalum umbellatum L. [remove: L. ] (star-of-Bethlehem) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 5183: Ornithogalum umbellatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5183>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0890cs', '20180427olymp0889cs', '20180427olymp0888cs', '20180427olymp0877s', '20180427olymp0873cs', '20200506olymp0892cs', '20200506olymp0891cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0890cs', '20180427olymp0888cs', '20180427olymp0877s', '20180427olymp0873cs', '20200506olymp0892cs', '20200506olymp0891cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ornithogalum umbellatum</i> L.'}
Colchicaceae (Autumn Crocus Family)
Uvularia sessilifolia L. [remove: L. ] (little merrybells, sessile-leaved merrybells, sessile-leaved bellwort) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10038: Uvularia sessilifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10038>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0856s', '20200506olymp0853cs', '20200506olymp0741cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0856s', '20200506olymp0853cs', '20200506olymp0741cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Uvularia sessilifolia</i> L.'}
Commelinaceae (Dayflower Family)
Commelina communis L. [remove: L. ] (dayflower) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11580: Commelina communis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11580>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4103'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Commelina communis</i> L.'}
Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)
Carex albicans var. emmonsii (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig [remove: (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig ] (Emmons' sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13139: Carex albicans var. emmonsii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13139>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1502cs', '20200515olymp1499cs', '20200515olymp1498cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex albicans</i> var. <i>emmonsii</i> (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig'}
Carex blanda Dewey [remove: Dewey ] (eastern woodland sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13751: Carex blanda>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13751>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1890s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex blanda</i> Dewey'}
Carex crinita Lam. var. crinita [remove: Lam. ] (fringed sedge, awned sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10009: Carex crinita var. crinita>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10009>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3818', '20180613olymp1974'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex crinita</i> Lam. var. <i>crinita</i>'}
Carex lurida Wahlenb. [remove: Wahlenb. ] (sallow sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10012: Carex lurida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10012>, 'images': ['20180713olymp3883'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex lurida</i> Wahlenb.'}
Carex pensylvanica Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (Pennsylvania sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10013: Carex pensylvanica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10013>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1444s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex pensylvanica</i> Lam.'}
Carex rosea Schkuhr ex Willd. [remove: Schkuhr ex Willd. ] (rosy sedge, big star sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13156: Carex rosea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13156>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1889cs', '20200529olymp1888cs', '20200529olymp1887cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex rosea</i> Schkuhr ex Willd.'}
Carex scoparia Schkuhr ex Willd. var. scoparia [remove: Schkuhr ex Willd ] (pointed broom sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4747: Carex scoparia var. scoparia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4747>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3814', '20180712olymp3823'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex scoparia</i> Schkuhr ex Willd. var. <i>scoparia</i>'}
Carex stricta Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (tussock sedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10014: Carex stricta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10014>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1530cs', '20200515olymp1529s', '20200515olymp1528cs', '20200515olymp1527cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex stricta</i> Lam.'}
Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl. [remove: Muhl. ] (redroot flatsedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15803: Cyperus erythrorhizos>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15803>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4216cs', '20201004olymp4215cs', '20201004olymp4214cs', '20201004olymp4213cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cyperus erythrorhizos</i> Muhl.'}
Cyperus esculentus var. leptostachyus Boeck. [remove: Boeck. ] (yellow flatsedge, nut flatsedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10016: Cyperus esculentus var. leptostachyus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10016>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4255cs', '20201004olymp4254cs', '20201004olymp4253cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cyperus esculentus</i> var. <i>leptostachyus</i> Boeck.'}
Cyperus lupulinus var. macilentus (Fern.) A.Haines [remove: (Fern.) A.Haines ] (slender sand flatsedge, depauperated Great Plains flatsedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10017: Cyperus lupulinus var. macilentus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10017>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3779', '20180712olymp3780', '20180713olymp3864', '20180713olymp3865'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cyperus lupulinus</i> var. <i>macilentus</i> (Fern.) A.Haines'}
Cyperus strigosus L. [remove: L. ] (straw-colored flatsedge) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13178: Cyperus strigosus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13178>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4224cs', '20201004olymp4223cs', '20201004olymp4222cs', '20201004olymp4221s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cyperus strigosus</i> L.'}
Eleocharis acicularis (L.) Roemer & Schultes [remove: (L.) Roemer & Schultes ] (needle spikerush, needle spikesedge) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11984: Eleocharis acicularis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11984>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1207s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1207s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eleocharis acicularis</i> (L.) Roemer & Schultes'}
Schoenoplectus pungens (Vahl) Palla var. pungens [remove: (Vahl) Palla ] (common threesquare, threesquare bulrush) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14380: Schoenoplectus pungens var. pungens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14380>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3815'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Schoenoplectus pungens</i> (Vahl) Palla var. <i>pungens</i>'}
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (K.C.Gmelin) Palla [remove: (K.C.Gmelin) Palla ] (softstem bulrush) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12520: Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12520>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4090cs', '20180712olymp3816'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4090cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani</i> (K.C.Gmelin) Palla'}
Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth [remove: (L.) Kunth ] (common bulrush, common woolsedge, common woolgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10020: Scirpus cyperinus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10020>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3824'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Scirpus cyperinus</i> (L.) Kunth'}
Scirpus georgianus Harper [remove: Harper ] (black bulrush, Georgia bulrush) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12086: Scirpus georgianus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12086>, 'images': ['20180713olymp3862', '20180713olymp3863'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Scirpus georgianus</i> Harper'}
Trichophorum planifolium (Spreng.) Palla [remove: (Spreng.) Palla ] (woodland clubsedge, woodland bulrush) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13990: Trichophorum planifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13990>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0888s', '20200506olymp0887cs', '20200506olymp0886cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0888s', '20200506olymp0887cs', '20200506olymp0886cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trichophorum planifolium</i> (Spreng.) Palla'}
Iridaceae (Iris Family)
Iris pseudacorus L. [remove: L. ] (yellow iris) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 5206: Iris pseudacorus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5206>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4062', '20180613olymp1980'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Iris pseudacorus</i> L.'}
Iris versicolor L. [remove: L. ] (northern blueflag) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10022: Iris versicolor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10022>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0789s', '20130808ricoh4075', '20130808ricoh4074', '20130808ricoh4073', '20130808ricoh4072', '20200506olymp0899s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Iris versicolor</i> L.'}
Sisyrinchium angustifolium P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (narrow-leaved blue-eyed grass, stout blue-eyed grass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10023: Sisyrinchium angustifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10023>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3790'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sisyrinchium angustifolium</i> P.Miller'}
Juncaceae (Rush Family)
Juncus effusus ssp. solutus (Fern. & Wieg.) Hämet-Ahti [remove: (Fern. & Wieg.) Hämet-Ahti ] (lax soft rush) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10024: Juncus effusus ssp. solutus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10024>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3821'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juncus effusus</i> ssp. <i>solutus</i> (Fern. & Wieg.) Hämet-Ahti'}
Juncus tenuis Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (path rush, yard rush) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12618: Juncus tenuis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12618>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4393cs', '20201009olymp4392cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juncus tenuis</i> Willd.'}
Luzula multiflora (Retz.) Lej. ssp. multiflora [remove: (Retz.) Lej. ] (common woodrush) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11504: Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11504>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0810cs', '20180613olymp1982', '20200508olymp1175cs', '20200508olymp1171cs', '20200508olymp1170cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0810cs', '20200508olymp1175cs', '20200508olymp1171cs', '20200508olymp1170cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Luzula multiflora</i> (Retz.) Lej. ssp. <i>multiflora</i>'}
Liliaceae (Lily Family)
Erythronium americanum Ker Gawler ssp. americanum [remove: Ker Gawler ] (American trout lily) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10028: Erythronium americanum ssp. americanum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10028>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0858cs', '20200506olymp0834s', '20200506olymp0785cs', '20200506olymp0784s', '20200506olymp0783cs', '20200506olymp0782cs', '20200506olymp0781s', '20200506olymp0780sc', '20200506olymp0780cs', '20200506olymp0779cs', '20200506olymp0778cs', '20200508olymp0991cs', '20200508olymp0990cs', '20200508olymp0985s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0858cs', '20200506olymp0834s', '20200506olymp0785cs', '20200506olymp0783cs', '20200506olymp0780sc', '20200506olymp0780cs', '20200506olymp0779cs', '20200508olymp0991cs', '20200508olymp0990cs', '20200508olymp0985s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erythronium americanum</i> Ker Gawler ssp. <i>americanum</i>'}
Melanthiaceae (Trillium Family)
Veratrum viride Aiton ssp. viride [remove: Aiton ] (eastern false hellebore) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10039: Veratrum viride ssp. viride>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10039>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0777cs', '20200508olymp0998s', '20200508olymp1011s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0777cs', '20200508olymp0998s', '20200508olymp1011s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Veratrum viride</i> Aiton ssp. <i>viride</i>'}
Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)
Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz [remove: (L.) Crantz ] (broad-leaved helleborine) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10042: Epipactis helleborine>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10042>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2941cs', '20180620olymp2493'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Epipactis helleborine</i> (L.) Crantz'}
Poaceae (Grass Family)
Anthoxanthum odoratum L. [remove: L. ] (large sweetgrass, sweet vernalgrass) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12304: Anthoxanthum odoratum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12304>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0975cs', '20200515olymp1571cs', '20200530olymp2047', '20200530olymp2048'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0975cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Anthoxanthum odoratum</i> L.'}
Coleataenia longifolia ssp. rigidula (Bosc ex Nees) Soreng [remove: (Bosc ex Nees) Soreng ] (flat-stemmed panicgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13312: Coleataenia longifolia ssp. rigidula>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13312>, 'images': ['20201006olymp4277cs', '20201006olymp4276cs', '20201006olymp4275cs', '20201006olymp4274cs', '20201004olymp4237s', '20201004olymp4236s', '20201004olymp4235cs', '20201004olymp4234s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Coleataenia longifolia</i> ssp. <i>rigidula</i> (Bosc ex Nees) Soreng'}
Danthonia spicata (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes [remove: (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes ] (poverty oatgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13180: Danthonia spicata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13180>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2521'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Danthonia spicata</i> (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes'}
Dichanthelium clandestinum (L.) Gould [remove: (L.) Gould ] (deertongue panicgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10053: Dichanthelium clandestinum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10053>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4034s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dichanthelium clandestinum</i> (L.) Gould'}
Dichanthelium latifolium (L.) Gould & Glark [remove: (L.) Gould & Glark ] (broad-leaved panicgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13190: Dichanthelium latifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13190>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2540'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dichanthelium latifolium</i> (L.) Gould & Glark'}
Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop. [remove: (L.) Scop. ] (hairy crabgrass, large crabgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13194: Digitaria sanguinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13194>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4109cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Digitaria sanguinalis</i> (L.) Scop.'}
Echinochloa muricata (Beauv.) Fern. var. muricata [remove: (Beauv.) Fern. ] (American barnyard grass, common cockspur) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16718: Echinochloa muricata var. muricata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16718>, 'images': ['20201006olymp4273s', '20201004olymp4259cs', '20201004olymp4258cs', '20201004olymp4257cs', '20201004olymp4256cs', '20201004olymp4233cs', '20201004olymp4232cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Echinochloa muricata</i> (Beauv.) Fern. var. <i>muricata</i>'}
Festuca filiformis Pourret [remove: Pourret ] (hair fescue, fine-leaved sheep fescue) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11520: Festuca filiformis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11520>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0657cs', '20200508olymp1071s', '20200508olymp1070cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Festuca filiformis</i> Pourret'}
Glyceria grandis S.Watson var. grandis [remove: S.Watson ] (tall mannagrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14739: Glyceria grandis var. grandis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14739>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3304', '20180702olymp3305', '20180702olymp3306'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Glyceria grandis</i> S.Watson var. <i>grandis</i>'}
Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw. [remove: (L.) Sw. ] (rice cutgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13267: Leersia oryzoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13267>, 'images': ['20201006olymp4266cs', '20201006olymp4265cs', '20201004olymp4231cs', '20201004olymp4230cs', '20201004olymp4229cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Leersia oryzoides</i> (L.) Sw.'}
Leersia virginica Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (white cutgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15008: Leersia virginica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15008>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3758'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Leersia virginica</i> Willd.'}
Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) A.Camus [remove: (Trin.) A.Camus ] (Japanese stiltgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15399: Microstegium vimineum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15399>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2943s', '20200722olymp2943cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Microstegium vimineum</i> (Trin.) A.Camus'}
Panicum capillare L. ssp. capillare [remove: L. ] (witchgrass, witch panicgrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11784: Panicum capillare ssp. capillare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11784>, 'images': ['20171006olymp7842cs', '20171006olymp7841cs', '20171006olymp7840s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Panicum capillare</i> L. ssp. <i>capillare</i>'}
Poa bulbosa ssp. vivipara (Koel.) Arcang. [remove: (Koel.) Arcang. ] (bulbous bluegrass) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14012: Poa bulbosa ssp. vivipara>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14012>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0748cs', '20200506olymp0747cs', '20200506olymp0746cs', '20200506olymp0745cs', '20200506olymp0744cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0748cs', '20200506olymp0745cs', '20200506olymp0744cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Poa bulbosa</i> ssp. <i>vivipara</i> (Koel.) Arcang.'}
Poa nemoralis L. [remove: L. ] (woodland bluegrass) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14072: Poa nemoralis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14072>, 'images': ['20201006olymp4269cs', '20201006olymp4268cs', '20201006olymp4267cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Poa nemoralis</i> L.'}
Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash var. scoparium [remove: (Michx.) Nash ] (little bluestem) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10060: Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10060>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1072s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Schizachyrium scoparium</i> (Michx.) Nash var. <i>scoparium</i>'}
Setaria faberi R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen [remove: R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen ] (Chinese foxtail, giant foxtail, nodding foxtail) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11744: Setaria faberi>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11744>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4108cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Setaria faberi</i> R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen'}
Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ssp. pumila [remove: (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ] (yellow foxtail) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11814: Setaria pumila ssp. pumila>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11814>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4140cs', '20130808ricoh4139cs', '20130808ricoh4138cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Setaria pumila</i> (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ssp. <i>pumila</i>'}
Torreyochloa pallida (Torrey) Church var. pallida [remove: (Torrey) Church ] (pale mannagrass, Torrey's mannagrass) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15046: Torreyochloa pallida var. pallida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15046>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1220s', '20220810olymp3278cs', '20220810olymp3279cs', '20220811olymp3346cs', '20200508olymp1196cs', '20200508olymp1151s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1220s', '20200508olymp1196cs', '20200508olymp1151s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Torreyochloa pallida</i> (Torrey) Church var. <i>pallida</i>'}
Ruscaceae (Butcher's Broom Family)
Convallaria majalis L. [remove: L. ] (lily-of-the-valley) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 5159: Convallaria majalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5159>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0743cs', '20200508olymp0989s', '20180427olymp0870c', '20180427olymp0870cs', '20180613olymp1995', '20200515olymp1489s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0743cs', '20200508olymp0989s', '20180427olymp0870c', '20180427olymp0870cs', '20200515olymp1489s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Convallaria majalis</i> L.'}
Maianthemum canadense Desf. [remove: Desf. ] (Canada mayflower) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10032: Maianthemum canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10032>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0811cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0811cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Maianthemum canadense</i> Desf.'}
Maianthemum racemosum ssp. racemosum [remove: (L.) Link ] (false Solomon's seal) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10035: Maianthemum racemosum ssp. racemosum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10035>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0740cs', '20130808ricoh4018cs', '20200506olymp0905s', '20200506olymp0904cs', '20180613olymp1989', '20200529olymp1864cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0740cs', '20200506olymp0905s', '20200506olymp0904cs', '20200529olymp1864cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Maianthemum racemosum</i> ssp. <i>racemosum</i>'}
Polygonatum pubescens (Willd.) Pursh [remove: (Willd.) Pursh ] (hairy Solomon's seal) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10034: Polygonatum pubescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10034>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0756cs', '20200506olymp0755s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0756cs', '20200506olymp0755s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polygonatum pubescens</i> (Willd.) Pursh'}
Smilacaceae (Greenbrier Family)
Smilax glauca Walter [remove: Walter ] (sawbrier, wild sarsaparilla, glaucous-leaved greenbrier) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10066: Smilax glauca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10066>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1149cs', '20200508olymp1148cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1149cs', '20200508olymp1148cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Smilax glauca</i> Walter'}
Smilax herbacea L. [remove: L. ] (carrion flower, smooth herbaceous greenbrier) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10067: Smilax herbacea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10067>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7780cs', '20201002olymp4146cs'], 'pubimages': ['20171005olymp7780cs', '20201002olymp4146cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Smilax herbacea</i> L.'}
Smilax rotundifolia L. [remove: L. ] (catbrier, bullbrier, common greenbrier) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10068: Smilax rotundifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10068>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1174cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1174cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Smilax rotundifolia</i> L.'}
Typhaceae (Cattail Family)
Typha angustifolia L. [remove: L. ] (narrow-leaved cattail) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10069: Typha angustifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10069>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1206cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1206cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Typha angustifolia</i> L.'}

Magnoliid Complex

Lauraceae (Laurel Family)
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume [remove: (L.) Blume ] (northern spicebush) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2514: Lindera benzoin>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2514>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0788cs', '20200506olymp0787cs', '20200506olymp0786cs', '20180427olymp0867cs', '20200506olymp0697cs', '20200506olymp0696cs', '20200506olymp0695cs', '20200506olymp0694cs', '20200506olymp0693cs', '20180613olymp2081'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0787cs', '20200506olymp0786cs', '20180427olymp0867cs', '20200506olymp0697cs', '20200506olymp0696cs', '20200506olymp0693cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lindera benzoin</i> (L.) Blume'}
Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees [remove: (Nutt.) Nees ] (sassafras) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2515: Sassafras albidum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2515>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0823s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0823s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sassafras albidum</i> (Nutt.) Nees'}

Eudicots (Tricolpates)

Adoxaceae (Viburnum Family)
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (L.) R.Bolli [remove: (L.) R.Bolli ] (American black elderberry, American black-fruited elderberry) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10120: Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10120>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1897s', '20130808ricoh4055s', '20130808ricoh4054cs', '20200508olymp1169cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1897s', '20130808ricoh4054cs', '20200508olymp1169cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sambucus nigra</i> ssp. <i>canadensis</i> (L.) R.Bolli'}
Viburnum acerifolium L. [remove: L. ] (mapleleaf viburnum) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7153: Viburnum acerifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7153>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1111s', '20200508olymp1110s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1111s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viburnum acerifolium</i> L.'}
Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum Ait. [remove: Ait. ] (northern arrowwood) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10124: Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10124>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1985', '20130808ricoh4076', '20180613olymp1993', '20200508olymp1004s', '20200508olymp1192cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1004s', '20200508olymp1192cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viburnum dentatum</i> var. <i>lucidum</i> Ait.'}
Viburnum lentago L. [remove: L. ] (nannyberry, sweet viburnum) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12156: Viburnum lentago>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12156>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0761s', '20200506olymp0760cs', '20200506olymp0759s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0761s', '20200506olymp0760cs', '20200506olymp0759s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viburnum lentago</i> L.'}
Viburnum opulus ssp. opulus [remove: L. ] (European highbush cranberry, guelder rose) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12406: Viburnum opulus ssp. opulus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12406>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0757s', '20200506olymp0739cs', '20200506olymp0738cs', '20200506olymp0737cs', '20170926olymp7365cs', '20170926olymp7364cs', '20170926olymp7363cs', '20130808ricoh4017cs', '20200515olymp1511cs', '20200515olymp1504cs', '20200515olymp1503cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0757s', '20200506olymp0738cs', '20200506olymp0737cs', '20170926olymp7365cs', '20170926olymp7364cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viburnum opulus</i> ssp. <i>opulus</i>'}
Altingiaceae (Sweetgum Family)
Liquidambar styraciflua L. [remove: L. ] (sweetgum) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15052: Liquidambar styraciflua>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15052>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1570cs', '20200515olymp1569cs', '20200515olymp1568cs', '20201009olymp4400cs', '20201009olymp4399cs', '20201009olymp4398cs', '20130808ricoh4040cs', '20180613olymp2066', '20180613olymp2067'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1570cs', '20200515olymp1569cs', '20200515olymp1568cs', '20201009olymp4400cs', '20201009olymp4399cs', '20130808ricoh4040cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Liquidambar styraciflua</i> L.'}
Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family)
Chenopodium album L. [remove: L. ] (white goosefoot, lamb's quarters) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11734: Chenopodium album>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11734>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4264cs', '20201004olymp4263cs', '20201004olymp4262cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chenopodium album</i> L.'}
Dysphania ambrosioides (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants [remove: (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants ] (Mexican tea) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14246: Dysphania ambrosioides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14246>, 'images': ['20171006olymp7851cs', '20171006olymp7850s', '20171005olymp7758cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dysphania ambrosioides</i> (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants'}
Anacardiaceae (Sumac Family)
Cotinus coggygria Scop. [remove: Scop. ] (Eurasian smoketree) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13174: Cotinus coggygria>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13174>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh3998cs', '20170926olymp7403s', '20170926olymp7402s', '20210621olymp3631', '20210621olymp3632', '20210621olymp3633', '20210621olymp3634', '20210621olymp3635', '20210621olymp3636', '20210621olymp3637', '20210621olymp3638', '20210621olymp3639', '20210621olymp3640'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh3998cs', '20170926olymp7403s', '20170926olymp7402s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cotinus coggygria</i> Scop.'}
Cotinus obovatus Raf. [remove: Raf. ] (American smoketree) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 301317: Cotinus obovatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 301317>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2905cs', '20200722olymp2904s', '20201002olymp4200cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2905cs', '20200722olymp2904s', '20201002olymp4200cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cotinus obovatus</i> Raf.'}
Rhus glabra L. [remove: L. ] (smooth sumac) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7129: Rhus glabra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7129>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0686s', '20200506olymp0680'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0686s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhus glabra</i> L.'}
Rhus typhina L. [remove: L. ] (staghorn sumac) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7167: Rhus hirta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7167>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0710cs', '20200506olymp0709cs', '20130808ricoh4061', '20130808ricoh4057'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0709cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhus typhina</i> L.'}
Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze [remove: (L.) Kuntze ] (poison ivy) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7144: Toxicodendron radicans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7144>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0729cs', '20200506olymp0727cs', '20200508olymp1265cs', '20200529olymp1898s', '20200515olymp1537s', '20200515olymp1536cs', '20200515olymp1526cs', '20200515olymp1525cs', '20200508olymp1187s', '20200508olymp1186cs', '20200529olymp1893s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0729cs', '20200508olymp1265cs', '20200529olymp1898s', '20200515olymp1536cs', '20200515olymp1525cs', '20200508olymp1186cs', '20200529olymp1893s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Toxicodendron radicans</i> (L.) Kuntze'}
Apiaceae (Carrot or Celery Family)
Aegopodium podagraria L. [remove: L. ] (goutweed, bishop's weed) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3662: Aegopodium podagraria>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3662>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0859cs', '20201002olymp4126cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0859cs', '20201002olymp4126cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aegopodium podagraria</i> L.'}
Cicuta maculata L. var. maculata [remove: L. ] (spotted water hemlock) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13168: Cicuta maculata var. maculata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13168>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0763s', '20200506olymp0762cs', '20210621olymp3621', '20210621olymp3622', '20210621olymp3623', '20130808ricoh4120cs', '20200722olymp2948s', '20200722olymp2947cs', '20180613olymp1979', '20180620olymp2490', '20200722olymp2940cs', '20200722olymp2939cs', '20200722olymp2938cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0763s', '20200506olymp0762cs', '20130808ricoh4120cs', '20200722olymp2948s', '20200722olymp2947cs', '20200722olymp2940cs', '20200722olymp2939cs', '20200722olymp2938cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cicuta maculata</i> L. var. <i>maculata</i>'}
Osmorhiza longistylis (Torrey) DC. [remove: (Torrey) DC. ] (long-styled sweet cicely, aniseroot) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13311: Osmorhiza longistylis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13311>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1886cs', '20200529olymp1885cs', '20200529olymp1884s', '20200529olymp1883cs', '20200529olymp1882cs', '20200529olymp1881cs', '20200529olymp1880s', '20200529olymp1879cs', '20200529olymp1878cs', '20200722olymp2932s', '20200722olymp2931cs', '20200722olymp2930cs', '20200722olymp2929cs', '20210621olymp3625', '20210621olymp3626', '20210621olymp3627', '20210621olymp3628', '20210621olymp3629', '20210621olymp3630', '20200724olymp3108cs', '20200724olymp3109cs', '20200724olymp3110cs', '20200724olymp3111cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1886cs', '20200529olymp1885cs', '20200529olymp1884s', '20200529olymp1883cs', '20200529olymp1881cs', '20200529olymp1880s', '20200529olymp1879cs', '20200722olymp2932s', '20200722olymp2931cs', '20200722olymp2930cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmorhiza longistylis</i> (Torrey) DC.'}
Apocynaceae (Dogbane Family)
Vinca minor L. [remove: L. ] (common periwinkle) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7157: Vinca minor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7157>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1987'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vinca minor</i> L.'}
Vincetoxicum nigrum (L.) Moench [remove: (L.) Moench ] (black swallowwort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7163: Vincetoxicum nigrum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7163>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1944', '20180613olymp1945'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vincetoxicum nigrum</i> (L.) Moench'}
Araliaceae (Aralia or Ginseng Family)
Aralia nudicaulis L. [remove: L. ] (wild sarsaparilla) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7015: Aralia nudicaulis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7015>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0865cs', '20200506olymp0857cs', '20200506olymp0850s', '20200506olymp0849', '20200506olymp0848s', '20200506olymp0847cs', '20200506olymp0844cs', '20200506olymp0843cs', '20200506olymp0842cs', '20200506olymp0841cs', '20180613olymp1984'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0865cs', '20200506olymp0848s', '20200506olymp0847cs', '20200506olymp0843cs', '20200506olymp0841cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aralia nudicaulis</i> L.'}
Eleutherococcus pentaphyllus (Sieb. & Zucc.) Nakai [remove: (Sieb. & Zucc.) Nakai ] (five-leaved aralia) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14970: Eleutherococcus pentaphyllus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14970>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1000s', '20200508olymp0999cs', '20170926olymp7340s', '20170926olymp7339s', '20180712olymp3849', '20180712olymp3852'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1000s', '20200508olymp0999cs', '20170926olymp7340s', '20170926olymp7339s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eleutherococcus pentaphyllus</i> (Sieb. & Zucc.) Nakai'}
Hedera helix L. [remove: L. ] (English ivy, European ivy) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12164: Hedera helix>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12164>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4403cs', '20201009olymp4402cs', '20201009olymp4401cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201009olymp4403cs', '20201009olymp4402cs', '20201009olymp4401cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hedera helix</i> L.'}
Hedera hibernica (G.Kirchn.) Bean [remove: (G.Kirchn.) Bean ] (Atlantic ivy) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15216: Hedera hibernica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15216>, 'images': ['20200509olymp1313cs', '20200508olymp1095s', '20200508olymp1093s'], 'pubimages': ['20200509olymp1313cs', '20200508olymp1095s', '20200508olymp1093s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hedera hibernica</i> (G.Kirchn.) Bean'}
Asteraceae (composits Family)
Achillea millefolium ssp. lanulosa (Nutt.) Piper [remove: (Nutt.) Piper ] (common yarrow, seaside yarrow) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12624: Achillea millefolium ssp. lanulosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12624>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1047cs', '20200508olymp1046cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1047cs', '20200508olymp1046cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Achillea millefolium</i> ssp. <i>lanulosa</i> (Nutt.) Piper'}
Arctium minus Bernh. [remove: Bernh. ] (lesser burdock, common burdock) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7017: Arctium minus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7017>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4058cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4058cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arctium minus</i> Bernh.'}
Artemisia vulgaris L. [remove: L. ] (mugwort, European common wormwood) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7021: Artemisia vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7021>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4095cs', '20201004olymp4228cs', '20201004olymp4227cs', '20201004olymp4226cs', '20180613olymp2079'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4095cs', '20201004olymp4228cs', '20201004olymp4227cs', '20201004olymp4226cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Artemisia vulgaris</i> L.'}
Bidens cernua L. [remove: L. ] (nodding bur marigold, nodding beggarticks) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14258: Bidens cernua>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14258>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7374s', '20201002olymp4085s', '20201002olymp4084s', '20201002olymp4083cs', '20201002olymp4082s', '20201002olymp4078cs', '20201002olymp4076cs', '20201002olymp4062cs', '20171006olymp7845cs', '20171006olymp7844cs', '20171006olymp7843cs', '20171005olymp7765cs', '20171005olymp7764cs', '20171005olymp7762cs', '20201002olymp4153cs', '20201002olymp4152cs', '20201002olymp4150cs', '20170928olymp7459', '20170928olymp7460', '20170928olymp7461'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7374s', '20201002olymp4085s', '20201002olymp4083cs', '20201002olymp4076cs', '20171006olymp7844cs', '20171005olymp7765cs', '20171005olymp7764cs', '20171005olymp7762cs', '20201002olymp4152cs', '20201002olymp4150cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Bidens cernua</i> L.'}
Bidens frondosa L. [remove: L. ] (common beggarticks, devil's pitchforks) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13130: Bidens frondosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13130>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7361cs', '20171006olymp7839cs', '20171006olymp7838cs', '20171006olymp7837cs', '20171006olymp7836cs', '20201002olymp4162cs', '20201002olymp4156cs', '20170928olymp7453', '20170928olymp7454'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7361cs', '20201002olymp4162cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Bidens frondosa</i> L.'}
Centaurea nigra L. [remove: L. ] (black knapweed) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13165: Centaurea nigra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13165>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4029cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4029cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Centaurea nigra</i> L.'}
Cirsium pumilum (Nutt.) Sprengel var. pumilum [remove: (Nutt.) Sprengel ] (pasture thistle) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13934: Cirsium pumilum var. pumilum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13934>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1902cs', '20200529olymp1901cs', '20200529olymp1900s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cirsium pumilum</i> (Nutt.) Sprengel var. <i>pumilum</i>'}
Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. [remove: (Savi) Ten. ] (common thistle, bull thistle) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7056: Cirsium vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7056>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0886cs', '20200506olymp0675cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0886cs', '20200506olymp0675cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cirsium vulgare</i> (Savi) Ten.'}
Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers. [remove: (L.) Pers. ] (annual fleabane, eastern daisy fleabane) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7078: Erigeron annuus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7078>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2550'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erigeron annuus</i> (L.) Pers.'}
Erigeron canadensis (L.) Carr. [remove: (L.) Carr. ] (Canada fleabane, horseweed, hogweed, butterweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11872: Erigeron canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11872>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4384cs', '20201013olymp4587', '20201013olymp4588'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erigeron canadensis</i> (L.) Carr.'}
Erigeron strigosus Muhl. ex Willd. var. strigosus [remove: Muhl. ex Willd. ] (rough fleabane, lesser daisy fleabane) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11594: Erigeron strigosus var. strigosus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11594>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4383cs', '20201009olymp4382cs', '20201013olymp4590', '20201013olymp4591'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erigeron strigosus</i> Muhl. ex Willd. var. <i>strigosus</i>'}
Eutrochium dubium (Willd. ex Poir.) E.E.Lamont [remove: (Willd. ex Poir.) E.E.Lamont ] (Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12092: Eutrochium dubium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12092>, 'images': ['20180713olymp3885', '20180713olymp3886'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eutrochium dubium</i> (Willd. ex Poir.) E.E.Lamont'}
Eutrochium maculatum (L.) E.E.Lamont var. maculatum [remove: (L.) E.E.Lamont ] (spotted Joe-Pye-weed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7082: Eutrochium maculatum var. maculatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7082>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4180cs', '20201002olymp4179cs', '20201002olymp4178cs', '20201002olymp4176cs', '20201002olymp4175cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eutrochium maculatum</i> (L.) E.E.Lamont var. <i>maculatum</i>'}
Helianthus tuberosus L. [remove: L. ] (Jerusalem artichoke, tuberous sunflower) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13246: Helianthus tuberosus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13246>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7370s', '20170926olymp7369cs', '20170926olymp7368cs', '20170926olymp7367cs', '20170926olymp7366s', '20130808ricoh4078', '20171006olymp7847cs', '20171006olymp7846s', '20201002olymp4169cs', '20201002olymp4168s', '20201002olymp4167s', '20180613olymp1967', '20180613olymp2062', '20180613olymp2063'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7369cs', '20170926olymp7368cs', '20170926olymp7366s', '20171006olymp7847cs', '20171006olymp7846s', '20201002olymp4169cs', '20201002olymp4168s', '20201002olymp4167s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Helianthus tuberosus</i> L.'}
Hieracium sabaudum L. [remove: L. ] (Savoy hawkweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10113: Hieracium sabaudum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10113>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4115cs', '20201002olymp4114cs', '20201002olymp4113s', '20201002olymp4112s', '20201002olymp4111cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4115cs', '20201002olymp4113s', '20201002olymp4112s', '20201002olymp4111cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hieracium sabaudum</i> L.'}
Lactuca canadensis L. [remove: L. ] (yellow wild lettuce, Canada lettuce, tall lettuce) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7109: Lactuca canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7109>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1279cs', '20200508olymp1278cs', '20201009olymp4381cs', '20201009olymp4380cs', '20201009olymp4379cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1279cs', '20200508olymp1278cs', '20201009olymp4380cs', '20201009olymp4379cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lactuca canadensis</i> L.'}
Leucanthemum vulgare Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (oxeye daisy) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7114: Leucanthemum vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7114>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0980s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0980s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Leucanthemum vulgare</i> Lam.'}
Matricaria discoidea DC. [remove: DC. ] (rayless chamomile, pineapple weed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13284: Matricaria discoidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13284>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1966'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Matricaria discoidea</i> DC.'}
Nabalus altissimus (L.) Hooker [remove: (L.) Hooker ] (tall rattlesnake root, slender rattlesnake root) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11928: Nabalus altissimus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11928>, 'images': ['20200529olymp2003cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Nabalus altissimus</i> (L.) Hooker'}
Pilosella aurantiaca (L.) F.W.Schultz & Sch. Bip. [remove: (L.) F.W.Schultz & Sch. Bip. ] (orange hawkweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13930: Pilosella aurantiaca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13930>, 'images': ['20210621olymp3641', '20210621olymp3642', '20180712olymp3838', '20180712olymp3839'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pilosella aurantiaca</i> (L.) F.W.Schultz & Sch. Bip.'}
Pilosella caespitosa (Dumort.) P.D.Sell & C.West [remove: (Dumort.) P.D.Sell & C.West ] (meadow hawkweed, king-devil) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7164: Pilosella caespitosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7164>, 'images': ['20180613olymp2017'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pilosella caespitosa</i> (Dumort.) P.D.Sell & C.West'}
Pilosella officinarum Vaill. [remove: Vaill. ] (mouse-ear hawkweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7094: Pilosella officinarum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7094>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0652cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pilosella officinarum</i> Vaill.'}
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt [remove: (L.) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt ] (sweet everlasting, fragrant cudweed, blunt-leaved rabbit tobacco) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13613: Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13613>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4102cs', '20201002olymp4101cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4102cs', '20201002olymp4101cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium</i> (L.) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt'}
Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moensch ssp. autumnalis [remove: (L.) Moensch ] (fall dandelion, hawkbit) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11798: Scorzoneroides autumnalis ssp. autumnalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11798>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4507', '20201011olymp4518'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Scorzoneroides autumnalis</i> (L.) Moensch ssp. <i>autumnalis</i>'}
Solidago altissima L. ssp. altissima [remove: L. ] (tall goldenrod) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13849: Solidago altissima ssp. altissima>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13849>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4053cs', '20201002olymp4119cs', '20201002olymp4120cs', '20201002olymp4121s'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4119cs', '20201002olymp4120cs', '20201002olymp4121s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago altissima</i> L. ssp. <i>altissima</i>'}
Solidago bicolor L. [remove: L. ] (silverrod, white goldenrod) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12070: Solidago bicolor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12070>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7362s', '20201002olymp4109s'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7362s', '20201002olymp4109s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago bicolor</i> L.'}
Solidago caesia L. var. caesia [remove: L. ] (wreath goldenrod, bluestem goldenrod, axillary goldenrod) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10121: Solidago caesia var. caesia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10121>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4056cs', '20201002olymp4055cs', '20201002olymp4054cs', '20200529olymp1875s', '20200508olymp1061cs', '20200508olymp1060cs', '20200508olymp1059cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4056cs', '20201002olymp4055cs', '20201002olymp4054cs', '20200529olymp1875s', '20200508olymp1061cs', '20200508olymp1060cs', '20200508olymp1059cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago caesia</i> L. var. <i>caesia</i>'}
Solidago flexicaulis L. [remove: L. ] (zigzag goldenrod) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7140: Solidago flexicaulis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7140>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7787'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago flexicaulis</i> L.'}
Solidago juncea Aiton [remove: Aiton ] (early goldenrod) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13392: Solidago juncea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13392>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4118cs', '20201002olymp4117cs', '20200722olymp2928s', '20200722olymp2927cs', '20200722olymp2926cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4118cs', '20201002olymp4117cs', '20200722olymp2927cs', '20200722olymp2926cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago juncea</i> Aiton'}
Solidago rugosa P.Miller ssp. rugosa [remove: P.Miller ] (common rough-stemmed goldenrod, common wrinkle-leaved goldenrod) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12812: Solidago rugosa ssp. rugosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12812>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1041cs', '20201002olymp4116cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1041cs', '20201002olymp4116cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago rugosa</i> P.Miller ssp. <i>rugosa</i>'}
Symphyotrichum cordifolium (L.) G.L.Nesom [remove: (L.) G.L.Nesom ] (blue heartleaf aster) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7026: Symphyotrichum cordifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7026>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4060cs', '20201002olymp4058cs', '20201002olymp4057s', '20201013olymp4592', '20201013olymp4593', '20201013olymp4594', '20171005olymp7770cs', '20171005olymp7769cs', '20201002olymp4137s', '20201002olymp4136s'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4058cs', '20201002olymp4057s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symphyotrichum cordifolium</i> (L.) G.L.Nesom'}
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. lanceolatum [remove: (Willd.) G.L.Nesom ] (tall white aster, panicled aster) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16221: Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. lanceolatum var. lanceolatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16221>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4376cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symphyotrichum lanceolatum</i> var. <i>lanceolatum</i>'}
Symphyotrichum pilosum (Willd.) G.L.Nesom var. pilosum [remove: (Willd.) G.L.Nesom ] (white oldfield aster, hairy aster, awl aster) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7030: Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7030>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4125cs', '20201002olymp4124cs', '20201002olymp4123cs', '20201002olymp4122cs', '20201002olymp4108cs', '20201002olymp4107s', '20201002olymp4106cs', '20201002olymp4105cs', '20201002olymp4104cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4108cs', '20201002olymp4107s', '20201002olymp4106cs', '20201002olymp4105cs', '20201002olymp4104cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symphyotrichum pilosum</i> (Willd.) G.L.Nesom var. <i>pilosum</i>'}
Symphyotrichum puniceum (L.) A.Löve & D.Löve var. puniceum [remove: (L.) A.Löve & D.Löve ] (bristly aster, swamp aster, purple-stemmed ater) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7031: Symphyotrichum puniceum var. puniceum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7031>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4391cs', '20201009olymp4390cs', '20201009olymp4389cs', '20201009olymp4386cs', '20201009olymp4385cs', '20201013olymp4589', '20201013olymp4595', '20201002olymp4189cs', '20200515olymp1505s'], 'pubimages': ['20201009olymp4391cs', '20201009olymp4389cs', '20201009olymp4386cs', '20201009olymp4385cs', '20201002olymp4189cs', '20200515olymp1505s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symphyotrichum puniceum</i> (L.) A.Löve & D.Löve var. <i>puniceum</i>'}
Symphyotrichum undulatum (L.) G.L.Nesom [remove: (L.) G.L.Nesom ] (clasping hartleaf aster, wavyleaf aster) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12172: Symphyotrichum undulatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12172>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0685cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0685cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symphyotrichum undulatum</i> (L.) G.L.Nesom'}
Tanacetum vulgare L. [remove: L. ] (common tansy) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7143: Tanacetum vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7143>, 'images': ['20180613olymp2000'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tanacetum vulgare</i> L.'}
Taraxacum officinale G.H.Weber ex Wiggers [remove: G.H.Weber ex Wiggers ] (common dandelion) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12292: Taraxacum officinale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12292>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1281cs', '20200506olymp0649', '20180613olymp2080'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1281cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Taraxacum officinale</i> G.H.Weber ex Wiggers'}
Tragopogon dubius Scop. [remove: Scop. ] (pale goat's beard) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15498: Tragopogon dubius>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15498>, 'images': ['20200724olymp3096cs', '20200724olymp3097cs', '20200724olymp3098cs', '20200722olymp2934s', '20200722olymp2933cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2934s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tragopogon dubius</i> Scop.'}
Balsaminaceae (Touch-Me-Not Family)
Impatiens capensis Meerb. [remove: Meerb. ] (orange jewelweed, common jewelweed, spotted touch-me-not) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7105: Impatiens capensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7105>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1439cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Impatiens capensis</i> Meerb.'}
Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)
Berberis thunbergii DC. [remove: DC. ] (Japanese barberry) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7038: Berberis thunbergii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7038>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0997cs', '20200508olymp0996cs', '20200515olymp1543s', '20130808ricoh4124', '20200506olymp0700cs', '20180613olymp1968', '20200508olymp1193s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0997cs', '20200508olymp0996cs', '20200515olymp1543s', '20200506olymp0700cs', '20200508olymp1193s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Berberis thunbergii</i> DC.'}
Berberis vulgaris L. [remove: L. ] (European common barberry) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2588: Berberis vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2588>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3797', '20200515olymp1481s', '20200515olymp1480cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1481s', '20200515olymp1480cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Berberis vulgaris</i> L.'}
Berberis ×ottawensis C.K.Schneid. [remove: C.K.Schneid. ] (Ottawa hybrid barberry) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 17141: Berberis ×ottawensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17141>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1090cs', '20200508olymp1089cs', '20200508olymp1088cs', '20200508olymp1087s', '20200508olymp1084cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1090cs', '20200508olymp1089cs', '20200508olymp1087s', '20200508olymp1084cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Berberis ×ottawensis</i> C.K.Schneid.'}
Betulaceae (Birch Family)
Alnus incana ssp. rugosa (Du Roi) R.T.Clausen [remove: (Du Roi) R.T.Clausen ] (speckled alder) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7158: Alnus incana ssp. rugosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7158>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1179cs', '20200508olymp1178cs', '20200508olymp1177cs', '20200508olymp1172cs', '20200508olymp1173s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1178cs', '20200508olymp1177cs', '20200508olymp1172cs', '20200508olymp1173s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Alnus incana</i> ssp. <i>rugosa</i> (Du Roi) R.T.Clausen'}
Betula lenta L. [remove: L. ] (sweet birch, cherry birch, black birch) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7040: Betula lenta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7040>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0840s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0840s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula lenta</i> L.'}
Betula nigra L. [remove: L. ] (river birch) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7041: Betula nigra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7041>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0793s', '20180613olymp1969', '20180613olymp1970'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0793s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula nigra</i> L.'}
Betula papyrifera × B. populifolia [remove: ] (paper birch × gray birch) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14874: Betula papyrifera × B. populifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14874>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1161cs', '20200508olymp1160s', '20200508olymp1159cs', '20200508olymp1158s', '20200508olymp1157cs', '20200508olymp1156s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1161cs', '20200508olymp1160s', '20200508olymp1159cs', '20200508olymp1158s', '20200508olymp1157cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula papyrifera × B. populifolia</i> '}
Betula populifolia Marsh. [remove: Marsh. ] (gray birch) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7043: Betula populifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7043>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1222cs', '20200508olymp1221s', '20200508olymp1166cs', '20200508olymp1165s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1222cs', '20200508olymp1221s', '20200508olymp1166cs', '20200508olymp1165s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula populifolia</i> Marsh.'}
Carpinus caroliniana ssp. virginiana (Marsh.) Furlow [remove: (Marsh.) Furlow ] (American hornbeam, ironwood, musclewood, bluebeech) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10105: Carpinus caroliniana ssp. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10105>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0838s', '20200506olymp0837s', '20180712olymp3806', '20200515olymp1508s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0838s', '20200515olymp1508s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carpinus caroliniana</i> ssp. <i>virginiana</i> (Marsh.) Furlow'}
Corylus cornuta Marsh. ssp. cornuta [remove: Marsh. ] (beaked hazelnut) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7063: Corylus cornuta ssp. cornuta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7063>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0831cs', '20200506olymp0830cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0831cs', '20200506olymp0830cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Corylus cornuta</i> Marsh. ssp. <i>cornuta</i>'}
Ostrya virginiana (P.Mill.) K.Koch [remove: (P.Mill.) K.Koch ] (eastern hophornbeam) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7123: Ostrya virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7123>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4071cs', '20180613olymp2070', '20180712olymp3792', '20200508olymp1109s', '20200508olymp1108s', '20200508olymp1023s', '20200508olymp1022cs', '20200508olymp1021s', '20200508olymp1020s', '20200508olymp1019cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ostrya virginiana</i> (P.Mill.) K.Koch'}
Bignoniaceae (Catalpa Family)
Catalpa bignonioides Walter [remove: Walter ] (southern catalpa, Indian bean tree) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4071: Catalpa bignonioides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4071>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1941', '20180712olymp3755'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Catalpa bignonioides</i> Walter'}
Boraginaceae (Forget-Me-Not Family)
Myosotis scorpioides L. [remove: L. ] (true forget-me-not, water forget-me-not, scorpionweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3850: Myosotis scorpioides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3850>, 'images': ['20220810olymp3268s', '20220810olymp3269cs', '20220810olymp3270cs', '20220810olymp3271cs', '20220810olymp3275cs', '20220810olymp3276cs', '20180713olymp3884', '20180613olymp1953'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Myosotis scorpioides</i> L.'}
Myosotis stricta Link ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes [remove: Link ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes ] (blue scorpion grass) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14384: Myosotis stricta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14384>, 'images': ['20200509olymp1337cs', '20200509olymp1336cs', '20200508olymp1307cs', '20200508olymp1244cs', '20200508olymp1243cs', '20200507olymp0958cs', '20200507olymp0957cs', '20200507olymp0956cs', '20200506olymp0666s', '20200506olymp0664cs', '20200506olymp0663cs', '20200506olymp0662cs', '20200506olymp0661cs', '20200506olymp0660cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200509olymp1337cs', '20200509olymp1336cs', '20200508olymp1307cs', '20200508olymp1243cs', '20200507olymp0956cs', '20200506olymp0664cs', '20200506olymp0663cs', '20200506olymp0662cs', '20200506olymp0661cs', '20200506olymp0660cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Myosotis stricta</i> Link ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes'}
Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)
Alliaria petiolata (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande [remove: (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande ] (garlic mustard) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10101: Alliaria petiolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10101>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4125'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Alliaria petiolata</i> (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande'}
Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. [remove: (L.) Heynh. ] (mouse-ear cress) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13120: Arabidopsis thaliana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13120>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1429cs', '20200515olymp1428cs', '20180427olymp0884cs', '20200506olymp0671s', '20200506olymp0659cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1428cs', '20180427olymp0884cs', '20200506olymp0671s', '20200506olymp0659cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i> (L.) Heynh.'}
Barbarea vulgaris W.T.Aiton [remove: W.T.Aiton ] (common yellow rocket, common wintercress) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7037: Barbarea vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7037>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0790s', '20180613olymp1973'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0790s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Barbarea vulgaris</i> W.T.Aiton'}
Cardamine hirsuta L. [remove: L. ] (hoary bittercress, hairy rockcress) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13994: Cardamine hirsuta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13994>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0978cs', '20200508olymp0977cs', '20200508olymp0976cs', '20200509olymp1315cs', '20200508olymp0983cs', '20200508olymp0982cs', '20200508olymp0981cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0977cs', '20200508olymp0976cs', '20200509olymp1315cs', '20200508olymp0983cs', '20200508olymp0981cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cardamine hirsuta</i> L.'}
Draba verna L. [remove: L. ] (spring whitlowgrass, spring whitlowmustard, longpod whitlowgrass) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12476: Draba verna>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12476>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1241cs', '20180427olymp0861cs', '20180427olymp0860cs', '20200506olymp0674s', '20200506olymp0673cs', '20200506olymp0672s', '20200506olymp0667cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1241cs', '20180427olymp0861cs', '20180427olymp0860cs', '20200506olymp0674s', '20200506olymp0673cs', '20200506olymp0672s', '20200506olymp0667cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Draba verna</i> L.'}
Lepidium campestre (L.) Ait.f. [remove: (L.) Ait.f. ] (field pepperweed, field cress, cow cress) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12600: Lepidium campestre>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12600>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2544', '20200529olymp1865cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1865cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lepidium campestre</i> (L.) Ait.f.'}
Lepidium virginicum L. var. virginicum [remove: L. ] (Virginia pepperweed, poorman's pepper) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11730: Lepidium virginicum var. virginicum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11730>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4132'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lepidium virginicum</i> L. var. <i>virginicum</i>'}
Campanulaceae (Bluebell Family)
Lobelia cardinalis L. [remove: L. ] (cardinalflower) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7117: Lobelia cardinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7117>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4019cs', '20200515olymp1520'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lobelia cardinalis</i> L.'}
Lobelia inflata L. [remove: L. ] (bladder-pod lobelia, Indian tobacco) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7118: Lobelia inflata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7118>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4039cs', '20201002olymp4074cs', '20201002olymp4073cs', '20201002olymp4072cs', '20180712olymp3784', '20180712olymp3785', '20200722olymp2922s'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4039cs', '20201002olymp4074cs', '20201002olymp4073cs', '20201002olymp4072cs', '20200722olymp2922s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lobelia inflata</i> L.'}
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle Family)
Lonicera japonica Thunb. [remove: Thunb. ] (Japanese honeysuckle) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4139: Lonicera japonica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4139>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4042', '20130808ricoh4041', '20200508olymp1051cs', '20200508olymp1050cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1051cs', '20200508olymp1050cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lonicera japonica</i> Thunb.'}
Lonicera morrowii A.Gray [remove: A.Gray ] (Morrow's honeysuckle) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4141: Lonicera morrowii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4141>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4027', '20130808ricoh4094cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lonicera morrowii</i> A.Gray'}
Lonicera ×bella Zabel [remove: Zabel ] (hybrid honeysuckle, whitebell honeysuckle) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4147: Lonicera ×bella>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4147>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0725', '20200506olymp0724', '20200506olymp0723cs', '20200508olymp1058cs', '20200508olymp1057cs', '20200508olymp1057sc', '20200508olymp1056s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0723cs', '20200508olymp1058cs', '20200508olymp1057cs', '20200508olymp1057sc', '20200508olymp1056s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lonicera ×bella</i> Zabel'}
Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)
Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet [remove: (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet ] (mouse-ear chickweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13889: Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13889>, 'images': ['20200509olymp1335cs', '20200509olymp1334s', '20200508olymp1301cs', '20200508olymp1300cs', '20200508olymp1299cs', '20200508olymp1298s', '20200506olymp0683'], 'pubimages': ['20200509olymp1335cs', '20200509olymp1334s', '20200508olymp1301cs', '20200508olymp1300cs', '20200508olymp1299cs', '20200508olymp1298s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cerastium fontanum</i> ssp. <i>vulgare</i> (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet'}
Cerastium pumilum W.Curtis ssp. pumilum [remove: W.Curtis ] (dwarf chickweed, European chickweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15519: Cerastium pumilum ssp. pumilum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15519>, 'images': ['20200507olymp0955', '20200507olymp0954', '20200507olymp0953', '20200507olymp0952', '20200507olymp0951'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cerastium pumilum</i> W.Curtis ssp. <i>pumilum</i>'}
Dianthus armeria L. [remove: L. ] (Deptford pink, grass pink) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11606: Dianthus armeria>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11606>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3278'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dianthus armeria</i> L.'}
Saponaria officinalis L. [remove: L. ] (common soapwort, soapweed, bouncing bet) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11600: Saponaria officinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11600>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0885cs', '20200506olymp0668s', '20180712olymp3781', '20180712olymp3782', '20180712olymp3783', '20180713olymp3866'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0885cs', '20200506olymp0668s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Saponaria officinalis</i> L.'}
Silene latifolia ssp. alba (P.Mill.) Greuter & Burdet [remove: (P.Mill.) Greuter & Burdet ] (white campion, evening lychnis) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12526: Silene latifolia ssp. alba>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12526>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2547', '20200722olymp2962cs', '20200722olymp2961s', '20200724olymp3099cs', '20200724olymp3100', '20200724olymp3101', '20200724olymp3102', '20200724olymp3103', '20200724olymp3104', '20200724olymp3105'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2962cs', '20200722olymp2961s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Silene latifolia</i> ssp. <i>alba</i> (P.Mill.) Greuter & Burdet'}
Spergularia rubra (L.) J.Presl & K.Presl [remove: (L.) J.Presl & K.Presl ] (common sand spurry, red sand spurry) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11922: Spergularia rubra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11922>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4397cs', '20201011olymp4512', '20201011olymp4513'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Spergularia rubra</i> (L.) J.Presl & K.Presl'}
Stellaria media (L.) Vill. [remove: (L.) Vill. ] (common chickweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2830: Stellaria media>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2830>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0908cs', '20200506olymp0907cs', '20200506olymp0906s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0908cs', '20200506olymp0907cs', '20200506olymp0906s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Stellaria media</i> (L.) Vill.'}
Celastraceae (Bittersweet Family)
Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. [remove: Thunb. ] (Oriental bittersweet, Asian bittersweet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10106: Celastrus orbiculatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10106>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4002cs', '20201009olymp4371s', '20200506olymp0884cs', '20200508olymp1190cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4002cs', '20201009olymp4371s', '20200506olymp0884cs', '20200508olymp1190cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Celastrus orbiculatus</i> Thunb.'}
Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Sieb. [remove: (Thunb.) Sieb. ] (winged spindletree, Oriental spindletree) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7080: Euonymus alatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7080>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0768cs', '20200506olymp0767cs', '20200506olymp0766cs', '20130808ricoh4028cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0768cs', '20200506olymp0767cs', '20200506olymp0766cs', '20130808ricoh4028cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euonymus alatus</i> (Thunb.) Sieb.'}
Euonymus europaeus L. [remove: L. ] (European spindletree) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3542: Euonymus europaeus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3542>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0750cs', '20171005olymp7786'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0750cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euonymus europaeus</i> L.'}
Euonymus fortunei (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz. [remove: (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz. ] (winter creeper) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7081: Euonymus fortunei>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7081>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7761cs', '20180427olymp0876s', '20180427olymp0875s', '20180427olymp0874s'], 'pubimages': ['20171005olymp7761cs', '20180427olymp0876s', '20180427olymp0875s', '20180427olymp0874s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euonymus fortunei</i> (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz.'}
Cistaceae (Rockrose Family)
Crocanthemum bicknellii (Fern.) Barnh. [remove: (Fern.) Barnh. ] (hoary frostweed, hoary rockrose) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13515: Crocanthemum bicknellii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13515>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1996', '20180613olymp1997'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Crocanthemum bicknellii</i> (Fern.) Barnh.'}
Clethraceae (Pepperbush Family)
Clethra alnifolia L. [remove: L. ] (sweet pepperbush) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7057: Clethra alnifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7057>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0812cs', '20200515olymp1524cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0812cs', '20200515olymp1524cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Clethra alnifolia</i> L.'}
Convolvulaceae (Bindweed Family)
Calystegia sepium sensu lato [remove: sensu lato ] (false bindweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7048: Calystegia sepium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7048>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1975', '20180613olymp1976', '20180613olymp1977'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Calystegia sepium</i> sensu lato'}
Calystegia sepium ssp. americana (Sims) Brummitt [remove: (Sims) Brummitt ] (American false bindweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15481: Calystegia sepium ssp. americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15481>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4182cs', '20201002olymp4181cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Calystegia sepium</i> ssp. <i>americana</i> (Sims) Brummitt'}
Calystegia sepium sensu lato ssp. sepium [remove: (L.) R.Br. ] (European false bindweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15709: Calystegia sepium ssp. sepium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15709>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2935cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Calystegia sepium</i> sensu lato ssp. <i>sepium</i>'}
Convolvulus arvensis L. [remove: L. ] (field bindweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12740: Convolvulus arvensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12740>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3847', '20180712olymp3848'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Convolvulus arvensis</i> L.'}
Cornaceae (Dogwood Family)
Benthamidia florida (L.) Spach [remove: (L.) Spach ] (flowering dogwood) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7060: Benthamidia florida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7060>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1295s', '20200508olymp1294s', '20200508olymp1233s', '20200508olymp1232cs', '20200508olymp1002cs', '20200508olymp1001s', '20200508olymp1049s', '20200508olymp1048cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1295s', '20200508olymp1294s', '20200508olymp1233s', '20200508olymp1232cs', '20200508olymp1002cs', '20200508olymp1001s', '20200508olymp1048cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Benthamidia florida</i> (L.) Spach'}
Nyssa sylvatica Marshall [remove: Marshall ] (tupelo, black gum) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3526: Nyssa sylvatica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3526>, 'images': ['20180613olymp2049', '20180613olymp2050', '20180613olymp2051', '20180613olymp2052', '20180613olymp2053', '20180613olymp2054', '20180613olymp2055'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Nyssa sylvatica</i> Marshall'}
Swida alternifolia (L.f.) Small [remove: (L.f.) Small ] (pagoda dogwood, alternate-leaved dogwood) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7058: Swida alternifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7058>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0829cs', '20200506olymp0828cs', '20200506olymp0827s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0828cs', '20200506olymp0827s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Swida alternifolia</i> (L.f.) Small'}
Swida amomum (P.Miller) Small var. amomum [remove: (P.Miller) Small ] (silky dogwood) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7059: Swida amomum var. amomum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7059>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0806', '20180613olymp2002'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Swida amomum</i> (P.Miller) Small var. <i>amomum</i>'}
Swida amomum var. schuetzeana (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines [remove: (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines ] (oblique-leaf silky dogwood, pale silky dogwood) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 301793: Swida amomum var. schuetzeana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 301793>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4098cs', '20200506olymp0807cs', '20200506olymp0805cs', '20201002olymp4155s', '20201002olymp4154cs', '20201002olymp4145cs', '20201002olymp4144cs', '20201002olymp4143cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4098cs', '20200506olymp0807cs', '20200506olymp0805cs', '20201002olymp4155s', '20201002olymp4145cs', '20201002olymp4143cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Swida amomum</i> var. <i>schuetzeana</i> (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines'}
Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)
Hylotelephium telephium (L.) H.Ohba ssp. telephium [remove: (L.) H.Ohba ] (live-forever) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13380: Hylotelephium telephium ssp. telephium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13380>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7773s', '20171005olymp7772cs', '20171005olymp7771cs'], 'pubimages': ['20171005olymp7773s', '20171005olymp7772cs', '20171005olymp7771cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hylotelephium telephium</i> (L.) H.Ohba ssp. <i>telephium</i>'}
Cucurbitaceae (Gourd Family)
Echinocystis lobata (Michx.) Torrey & A.Gray [remove: (Michx.) Torrey & A.Gray ] (wild cucumber, prickly cucumber) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12036: Echinocystis lobata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12036>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1972'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Echinocystis lobata</i> (Michx.) Torrey & A.Gray'}
Sicyos angulatus L. [remove: L. ] (one-seeded bur cucumber) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7137: Sicyos angulatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7137>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7774cs', '20200506olymp0803cs', '20200506olymp0802s'], 'pubimages': ['20171005olymp7774cs', '20200506olymp0803cs', '20200506olymp0802s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sicyos angulatus</i> L.'}
Elaeagnaceae (Oleaster Family)
Elaeagnus umbellata var. parvifolia (Royle) Schneid. [remove: (Royle) Schneid. ] (autumn olive, autumn oleaster, spreading oleaster) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3472: Elaeagnus umbellata var. parvifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3472>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1182s', '20200508olymp1181cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1182s', '20200508olymp1181cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Elaeagnus umbellata</i> var. <i>parvifolia</i> (Royle) Schneid.'}
Ericaceae (Heath Family)
Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh [remove: (L.) Pursh ] (striped pipsissewa, spotted wintergreen) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3125: Chimaphila maculata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3125>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1517cs', '20200515olymp1513cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chimaphila maculata</i> (L.) Pursh'}
Kalmia latifolia L. [remove: L. ] (mountain laurel) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7108: Kalmia latifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7108>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4016cs', '20180427olymp0883s', '20200508olymp1147cs', '20200508olymp1146s', '20200508olymp1145s', '20200508olymp1092s', '20200508olymp1091s', '20200515olymp1512cs', '20200508olymp1105cs', '20200508olymp1102cs', '20200508olymp1104s'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0883s', '20200508olymp1147cs', '20200508olymp1145s', '20200508olymp1092s', '20200508olymp1102cs', '20200508olymp1104s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Kalmia latifolia</i> L.'}
Monotropa uniflora L. [remove: L. ] (Indian pipe) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3135: Monotropa uniflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3135>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3275'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Monotropa uniflora</i> L.'}
Pyrola americana Sweet [remove: Sweet ] (round-leaved shinleaf, glossy shinleaf) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3129: Pyrola americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3129>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1211cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pyrola americana</i> Sweet'}
Vaccinium corymbosum L. [remove: L. ] (highbush blueberry) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7150: Vaccinium corymbosum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7150>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0817cs', '20200506olymp0816cs', '20200506olymp0809cs', '20200506olymp0808s', '20180613olymp2016'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0817cs', '20200506olymp0816cs', '20200506olymp0809cs', '20200506olymp0808s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vaccinium corymbosum</i> L.'}
Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)
Acalypha rhomboidea Raf. [remove: Raf. ] (broad three-seeded mercury) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13102: Acalypha rhomboidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13102>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4092cs', '20201002olymp4059cs', '20201004olymp4245cs', '20201004olymp4242s', '20201004olymp4241cs', '20201004olymp4240s'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4092cs', '20201002olymp4059cs', '20201004olymp4245cs', '20201004olymp4242s', '20201004olymp4241cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acalypha rhomboidea</i> Raf.'}
Euphorbia cyparissias L. [remove: L. ] (cypress spurge) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7086: Euphorbia cyparissias>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7086>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1519cs', '20200515olymp1518cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1519cs', '20200515olymp1518cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euphorbia cyparissias</i> L.'}
Euphorbia maculata L. [remove: L. ] (spotted spurge, spotted sandmat, milk purslane) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13166: Euphorbia maculata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13166>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4127cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euphorbia maculata</i> L.'}
Fabaceae (Pea Family)
Amorpha fruticosa L. [remove: L. ] (false indigo bush, false indigo) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12732: Amorpha fruticosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12732>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4088', '20180712olymp3763', '20180712olymp3796', '20200529olymp1877cs', '20200529olymp1876cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1877cs', '20200529olymp1876cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Amorpha fruticosa</i> L.'}
Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R.Br. ex Ait.f. [remove: (L.) R.Br. ex Ait.f. ] (yellow wild indigo, horsefly weed) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7036: Baptisia tinctoria>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7036>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3795', '20201002olymp4110cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4110cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Baptisia tinctoria</i> (L.) R.Br. ex Ait.f.'}
Trifolium hybridum L. [remove: L. ] (Alsike clover) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12536: Trifolium hybridum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12536>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1959'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trifolium hybridum</i> L.'}
Trifolium repens L. [remove: L. ] (white clover) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7147: Trifolium repens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7147>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1958'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trifolium repens</i> L.'}
Fagaceae (Beech Family)
Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. [remove: Ehrh. ] (American beech) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2655: Fagus grandifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2655>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0863s', '20200506olymp0826'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0863s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fagus grandifolia</i> Ehrh.'}
Fagus sylvatica L. [remove: L. ] (European beech) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10131: Fagus sylvatica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10131>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1427s', '20200508olymp1228s', '20200508olymp1216cs', '20200508olymp1215s', '20200508olymp1214s', '20200508olymp1213s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1427s', '20200508olymp1228s', '20200508olymp1216cs', '20200508olymp1215s', '20200508olymp1213s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fagus sylvatica</i> L.'}
Quercus alba L. [remove: L. ] (eastern white oak) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2656: Quercus alba>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2656>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0835cs', '20180613olymp1986', '20200506olymp0650s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0835cs', '20200506olymp0650s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus alba</i> L.'}
Quercus bicolor Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (swamp white oak) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2657: Quercus bicolor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2657>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0687s', '20200506olymp0678', '20180613olymp2072', '20180613olymp2073', '20180613olymp2074', '20180613olymp2075'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus bicolor</i> Willd.'}
Quercus coccinea Muenchh. [remove: Muenchh. ] (scarlet oak) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2658: Quercus coccinea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2658>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1042s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1042s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus coccinea</i> Muenchh.'}
Quercus palustris Muenchh. [remove: Muenchh. ] (pin oak) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10138: Quercus palustris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10138>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0915cs', '20200506olymp0914s', '20200506olymp0873cs', '20200506olymp0872cs', '20200506olymp0871s', '20200506olymp0870cs', '20200506olymp0869cs', '20200506olymp0868cs', '20200506olymp0867s', '20200506olymp0866s', '20200506olymp0679s', '20201002olymp4193cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0914s', '20200506olymp0873cs', '20200506olymp0872cs', '20200506olymp0871s', '20200506olymp0869cs', '20200506olymp0867s', '20200506olymp0866s', '20200506olymp0679s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus palustris</i> Muenchh.'}
Quercus rubra L. [remove: L. ] (northern red oak) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2667: Quercus rubra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2667>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0732cs', '20180613olymp2013', '20180613olymp2014', '20180613olymp2015', '20180613olymp2071'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus rubra</i> L.'}
Quercus velutina Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (black oak) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2670: Quercus velutina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2670>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0833cs', '20200506olymp0832s', '20200506olymp0919s', '20200515olymp1507cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0833cs', '20200506olymp0832s', '20200506olymp0919s', '20200515olymp1507cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus velutina</i> Lam.'}
Geraniaceae (Geranium Family)
Geranium maculatum L. [remove: L. ] (spotted cranesbill, wild geranium, wood geranium) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3640: Geranium maculatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3640>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1556cs', '20200515olymp1544cs', '20180613olymp2018', '20180613olymp2019', '20180613olymp2020', '20180613olymp2021', '20180613olymp2022', '20180613olymp2023', '20180613olymp2024', '20180613olymp2025'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1556cs', '20200515olymp1544cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geranium maculatum</i> L.'}
Geranium robertianum L. [remove: L. ] (mountain cranesbill, Robert's geranium, herb-Robert) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3645: Geranium robertianum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3645>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4051cs', '20130808ricoh4050cs', '20200515olymp1509cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geranium robertianum</i> L.'}
Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry Family)
Ribes rubrum L. [remove: L. ] (garden red currant) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3178: Ribes rubrum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3178>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1286', '20200508olymp1285', '20200508olymp1284s', '20200508olymp1283s', '20200508olymp1283cs', '20200508olymp1282s', '20200508olymp1119s', '20200508olymp1118cs', '20200508olymp1117cs', '20200508olymp1115sc', '20200508olymp1115cs', '20200508olymp1114cs', '20200508olymp1113cs', '20200508olymp1112s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1284s', '20200508olymp1283s', '20200508olymp1283cs', '20200508olymp1282s', '20200508olymp1119s', '20200508olymp1117cs', '20200508olymp1115sc', '20200508olymp1115cs', '20200508olymp1114cs', '20200508olymp1112s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ribes rubrum</i> L.'}
Hamamelidaceae (Witch-Hazel Family)
Hamamelis virginiana L. [remove: L. ] (American witch-hazel, common witch-hazel) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2614: Hamamelis virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2614>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0822cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0822cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hamamelis virginiana</i> L.'}
Hypericaceae (St. John's-Wort Family)
Hypericum boreale (Britt.) Bickn. [remove: (Britt.) Bickn. ] (northern St. John's-wort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13255: Hypericum boreale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13255>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4048'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypericum boreale</i> (Britt.) Bickn.'}
Hypericum ellipticum Hooker [remove: Hooker ] (pale St. John's-wort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14178: Hypericum ellipticum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14178>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3810'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypericum ellipticum</i> Hooker'}
Hypericum perforatum L. [remove: L. ] (common Eurasian St. John's-wort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7100: Hypericum perforatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7100>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3802', '20180712olymp3803', '20180712olymp3804', '20180712olymp3805'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypericum perforatum</i> L.'}
Hypericum punctatum Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (spotted St. John's-wort) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13256: Hypericum punctatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13256>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2542', '20180621olymp2543', '20200722olymp2916cs', '20200722olymp2915cs', '20200722olymp2912cs', '20200722olymp2911cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2916cs', '20200722olymp2915cs', '20200722olymp2912cs', '20200722olymp2911cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypericum punctatum</i> Lam.'}
Juglandaceae (Walnut Family)
Carya cordiformis (Wangenh.) K.Koch [remove: (Wangenh.) K.Koch ] (bitternut hickory, swamp hickory) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12042: Carya cordiformis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12042>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0946cs', '20200506olymp0945s', '20200506olymp0944cs', '20200506olymp0943cs', '20200506olymp0942cs', '20200506olymp0941s', '20200506olymp0940cs', '20200506olymp0938cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0946cs', '20200506olymp0945s', '20200506olymp0944cs', '20200506olymp0943cs', '20200506olymp0942cs', '20200506olymp0941s', '20200506olymp0940cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carya cordiformis</i> (Wangenh.) K.Koch'}
Carya glabra (P.Miller) Sweet [remove: (P.Miller) Sweet ] (pignut hickory) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2642: Carya glabra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2642>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1065', '20200508olymp1067', '20200508olymp1068', '20200508olymp1069'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carya glabra</i> (P.Miller) Sweet'}
Lamiaceae (Mint Family)
Clinopodium vulgare L. [remove: L. ] (wild basil) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12336: Clinopodium vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12336>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4099cs', '20130808ricoh4098cs', '20130808ricoh4097cs', '20130808ricoh4096cs', '20130808ricoh4095cs', '20130808ricoh4092cs', '20130808ricoh4091cs', '20130808ricoh4090cs', '20200509olymp1340cs', '20200508olymp1045cs', '20200508olymp1044cs', '20200508olymp1043s'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4099cs', '20130808ricoh4097cs', '20130808ricoh4096cs', '20130808ricoh4092cs', '20200509olymp1340cs', '20200508olymp1045cs', '20200508olymp1043s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Clinopodium vulgare</i> L.'}
Glechoma hederacea L. [remove: L. ] (ground ivy, gill-over-the-ground) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10132: Glechoma hederacea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10132>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0879cs', '20180427olymp0878cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0879cs', '20180427olymp0878cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Glechoma hederacea</i> L.'}
Lamium purpureum var. purpureum [remove: L. ] (purple deadnettle, red deadnettle, red henbit) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3893: Lamium purpureum var. purpureum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3893>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0887cs', '20200506olymp0651cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0887cs', '20200506olymp0651cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lamium purpureum</i> var. <i>purpureum</i>'}
Lycopus americanus Muhl. ex W.Barton [remove: Muhl. ex W.Barton ] (American bugleweed, American water horehound) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13280: Lycopus americanus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13280>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4261cs', '20201004olymp4260cs', '20201002olymp4165cs', '20201002olymp4164s'], 'pubimages': ['20201004olymp4261cs', '20201004olymp4260cs', '20201002olymp4165cs', '20201002olymp4164s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lycopus americanus</i> Muhl. ex W.Barton'}
Lycopus uniflorus Michx. [remove: Michx. ] (tuberous water horehound, northern water horehound) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13281: Lycopus uniflorus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13281>, 'images': ['20171006olymp7855s', '20171006olymp7854cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lycopus uniflorus</i> Michx.'}
Lycopus virginicus L. [remove: L. ] (Virginia water horehound, floodplain water horehound) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3901: Lycopus virginicus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3901>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4096cs', '20201004olymp4239s', '20201004olymp4238s', '20180712olymp3813', '20180712olymp3826', '20180613olymp2012', '20201002olymp4141cs', '20201002olymp4140cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4096cs', '20201004olymp4238s', '20201002olymp4141cs', '20201002olymp4140cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lycopus virginicus</i> L.'}
Melissa officinalis L. [remove: L. ] (lemon balm) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14820: Melissa officinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14820>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4100cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4100cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Melissa officinalis</i> L.'}
Mentha canadensis L. [remove: L. ] (American field mint) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14757: Mentha canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14757>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4093cs', '20201004olymp4225cs', '20171006olymp7849s', '20171005olymp7759cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4093cs', '20201004olymp4225cs', '20171006olymp7849s', '20171005olymp7759cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Mentha canadensis</i> L.'}
Monarda fistulosa var. mollis (L.) Benth. [remove: (L.) Benth. ] (soft wild bergamot, soft wild beebalm) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13291: Monarda fistulosa ssp. fistulosa var. mollis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13291>, 'images': ['20220811olymp3344cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Monarda fistulosa</i> var. <i>mollis</i> (L.) Benth.'}
Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata (W.Barton) Hultén [remove: (W.Barton) Hultén ] (American heal-all, American selfheal) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10135: Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10135>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4032cs', '20130808ricoh4060cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunella vulgaris</i> ssp. <i>lanceolata</i> (W.Barton) Hultén'}
Scutellaria galericulata L. [remove: L. ] (marsh scullcap, common scullcap) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13851: Scutellaria galericulata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13851>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4163cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4163cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Scutellaria galericulata</i> L.'}
Lardizabalaceae (Chocolate Vine Family)
Akebia quinata (Houtt.) Dcne. [remove: (Houtt.) Dcne. ] (chocolate vine, five-leaflet akebia) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12170: Akebia quinata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12170>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1562s', '20200515olymp1561s', '20130808ricoh4026cs', '20130808ricoh4025s', '20130808ricoh4024s', '20130808ricoh4023cs', '20130808ricoh4022', '20130808ricoh4021'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1562s', '20200515olymp1561s', '20130808ricoh4026cs', '20130808ricoh4025s', '20130808ricoh4024s', '20130808ricoh4023cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Akebia quinata</i> (Houtt.) Dcne.'}
Linderniaceae (False Pimpernel Family)
Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea (Michx.) Cooperrider [remove: (Michx.) Cooperrider ] (yellow-seeded false pimpernel) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13952: Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13952>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3817', '20180712olymp3822'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lindernia dubia</i> var. <i>anagallidea</i> (Michx.) Cooperrider'}
Lythraceae (Purple Loosestrife Family)
Lythrum salicaria L. [remove: L. ] (purple loosestrife) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3490: Lythrum salicaria>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3490>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3850', '20200506olymp0804cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0804cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lythrum salicaria</i> L.'}
Trapa natans L. [remove: L. ] (water chestnut, water caltrop) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3494: Trapa natans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3494>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7387s', '20170926olymp7386s', '20170926olymp7385cs', '20170926olymp7384cs', '20170926olymp7383cs', '20170926olymp7382s', '20170926olymp7381cs', '20170926olymp7379s', '20180712olymp3811', '20130808ricoh4067cs', '20130808ricoh4011cs', '20130808ricoh4006cs', '20130808ricoh4005cs', '20130808ricoh4004cs', '20130808ricoh4003cs', '20200722olymp2921s', '20200722olymp2920s'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7387s', '20170926olymp7386s', '20170926olymp7384cs', '20170926olymp7383cs', '20170926olymp7382s', '20170926olymp7381cs', '20130808ricoh4067cs', '20130808ricoh4011cs', '20130808ricoh4006cs', '20130808ricoh4005cs', '20130808ricoh4003cs', '20200722olymp2921s', '20200722olymp2920s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trapa natans</i> L.'}
Malvaceae (Mallow Family)
Tilia americana var. americana [remove: L. ] (basswood, American linden) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2905: Tilia americana var. americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2905>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0771', '20200529olymp1896s', '20200529olymp1895s', '20200529olymp1894cs', '20200508olymp1106cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1896s', '20200529olymp1894cs', '20200508olymp1106cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tilia americana</i> var. <i>americana</i>'}
Tilia cordata P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (small-leaved linden, small-leaved lime, littleleaf linden) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15066: Tilia cordata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15066>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1423cs', '20200515olymp1421cs', '20200529olymp1856cs', '20201002olymp4197cs', '20201002olymp4196cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1423cs', '20200529olymp1856cs', '20201002olymp4196cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tilia cordata</i> P.Miller'}
Molluginaceae (Carpetweed Family)
Mollugo verticillata L. [remove: L. ] (whorled chickweed, green carpetweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12080: Mollugo verticillata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12080>, 'images': ['20220810olymp3280cs', '20220810olymp3281cs', '20220810olymp3282'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Mollugo verticillata</i> L.'}
Moraceae (Mulberry Family)
Morus alba L. [remove: L. ] (white mulberry) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2630: Morus alba>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2630>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1937', '20170926olymp7390s', '20130808ricoh4077cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4077cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Morus alba</i> L.'}
Oleaceae (Olive Family)
Fraxinus americana L. [remove: L. ] (white ash) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12288: Fraxinus americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12288>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0765s', '20200506olymp0764cs', '20200506olymp0749cs', '20200506olymp0731cs', '20200508olymp1203s', '20180713olymp3867', '20200509olymp1332cs', '20200509olymp1331cs', '20200509olymp1330cs', '20200509olymp1329', '20200509olymp1328cs', '20200509olymp1327cs', '20200509olymp1326cs', '20200508olymp1168cs', '20200508olymp1167c', '20200508olymp1167s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0765s', '20200506olymp0764cs', '20200506olymp0749cs', '20200506olymp0731cs', '20200508olymp1168cs', '20200508olymp1167c', '20200508olymp1167s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fraxinus americana</i> L.'}
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall [remove: Marshall ] (green ash) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12286: Fraxinus pennsylvanica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12286>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1552cs', '20200515olymp1551cs', '20200515olymp1550cs', '20200515olymp1549cs', '20200515olymp1546s', '20200515olymp1545s', '20200508olymp1209s', '20200508olymp1208s', '20200509olymp1325s', '20200509olymp1324cs', '20200509olymp1323cs', '20200515olymp1488cs', '20200515olymp1487s', '20200515olymp1486cs', '20200508olymp1024cs', '20200508olymp1024sc', '20200508olymp1018cs', '20200508olymp1017cs', '20200508olymp1016s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1552cs', '20200515olymp1551cs', '20200515olymp1549cs', '20200515olymp1546s', '20200515olymp1545s', '20200508olymp1209s', '20200508olymp1208s', '20200509olymp1325s', '20200509olymp1323cs', '20200515olymp1488cs', '20200515olymp1486cs', '20200508olymp1024cs', '20200508olymp1024sc', '20200508olymp1018cs', '20200508olymp1016s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fraxinus pennsylvanica</i> Marshall'}
Ligustrum obtusifolium var. obtusifolium [remove: Sieb. & Zucc. ] (Japanese privet, ibota privet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3984: Ligustrum obtusifolium var. obtusifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3984>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0776cs', '20200506olymp0775cs', '20200506olymp0774s', '20200506olymp0772cs', '20180613olymp1935', '20180613olymp1936', '20170928olymp7462', '20170928olymp7463'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0776cs', '20200506olymp0775cs', '20200506olymp0774s', '20200506olymp0772cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ligustrum obtusifolium</i> var. <i>obtusifolium</i>'}
Ligustrum vulgare L. [remove: L. ] (European common privet) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3987: Ligustrum vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3987>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0742cs', '20180613olymp1938', '20180613olymp1939'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0742cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ligustrum vulgare</i> L.'}
Syringa vulgaris L. [remove: L. ] (common lilac) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13404: Syringa vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13404>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1407cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1407cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Syringa vulgaris</i> L.'}
Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)
Circaea canadensis (L.) Hill ssp. canadensis [remove: (L.) Hill ] (broad-leaved enchanter's nightshade) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10129: Circaea canadensis ssp. canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10129>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3265', '20180702olymp3269'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Circaea canadensis</i> (L.) Hill ssp. <i>canadensis</i>'}
Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott [remove: (L.) Elliott ] (marsh seedbox, water purslane) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3512: Ludwigia palustris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3512>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7380s', '20201011olymp4514', '20201011olymp4515'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ludwigia palustris</i> (L.) Elliott'}
Oenothera biennis L. [remove: L. ] (common evening primrose) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3515: Oenothera biennis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3515>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4036cs', '20201004olymp4244cs', '20201004olymp4243cs', '20200506olymp0670cs', '20180712olymp3764', '20180712olymp3765', '20180712olymp3766'], 'pubimages': ['20201004olymp4244cs', '20201004olymp4243cs', '20200506olymp0670cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Oenothera biennis</i> L.'}
Oxalidaceae (Woodsorrel Family)
Oxalis dillenii Jacq. [remove: Jacq. ] (showy woodsorrel, southern woodsorrel, slender woodsorrel) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13715: Oxalis dillenii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13715>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4031cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Oxalis dillenii</i> Jacq.'}
Oxalis stricta L. [remove: L. ] (common yellow woodsorrel) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3631: Oxalis stricta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3631>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1267cs', '20130808ricoh4064cs', '20130808ricoh4063cs', '20180613olymp1946'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1267cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Oxalis stricta</i> L.'}
Papaveraceae (Poppy Family)
Chelidonium majus L. [remove: L. ] (greater celandine) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2595: Chelidonium majus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2595>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1277cs', '20130808ricoh4103cs', '20180427olymp0880cs', '20200506olymp0885cs', '20200515olymp1475cs', '20200515olymp1474cs', '20200515olymp1473cs', '20200515olymp1472cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1277cs', '20130808ricoh4103cs', '20180427olymp0880cs', '20200506olymp0885cs', '20200515olymp1474cs', '20200515olymp1473cs', '20200515olymp1472cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chelidonium majus</i> L.'}
Stylophorum diphyllum (Michx.) Nutt. [remove: (Michx.) Nutt. ] (celandine poppy) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 17143: Stylophorum diphyllum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17143>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1086cs', '20200508olymp1085cs', '20200508olymp1083s', '20200508olymp1082s', '20200508olymp1081cs', '20200508olymp1080s', '20200508olymp1079s', '20200515olymp1466s', '20200515olymp1465s', '20200515olymp1464cs', '20200515olymp1463cs', '20200515olymp1462cs', '20200515olymp1461cs', '20200515olymp1460cs', '20200515olymp1459cs', '20200515olymp1458cs', '20200515olymp1457cs', '20200515olymp1456s', '20200515olymp1454cs', '20200515olymp1453cs', '20200515olymp1452cs', '20200515olymp1450s', '20200515olymp1449s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1086cs', '20200508olymp1085cs', '20200508olymp1083s', '20200508olymp1082s', '20200508olymp1081cs', '20200508olymp1080s', '20200508olymp1079s', '20200515olymp1466s', '20200515olymp1462cs', '20200515olymp1461cs', '20200515olymp1460cs', '20200515olymp1458cs', '20200515olymp1454cs', '20200515olymp1450s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Stylophorum diphyllum</i> (Michx.) Nutt.'}
Penthoraceae (Ditch Stonecrop Family)
Penthorum sedoides L. [remove: L. ] (ditch stonecrop) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13317: Penthorum sedoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13317>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3277'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Penthorum sedoides</i> L.'}
Phytolaccaceae (Pokeweed Family)
Phytolacca americana L. var. americana [remove: L. ] (American pokeweed, poke sallet) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2691: Phytolacca americana var. americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2691>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3756'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Phytolacca americana</i> L. var. <i>americana</i>'}
Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)
Callitriche heterophylla Pursh var. heterophylla [remove: Pursh ] (greater water starwort, two-headed water starwort, variable water starwort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12310: Callitriche heterophylla var. heterophylla>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12310>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1522cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Callitriche heterophylla</i> Pursh var. <i>heterophylla</i>'}
Callitriche stagnalis Scop. [remove: Scop. ] (pond water starwort, common European water starwort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10104: Callitriche stagnalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10104>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1994'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Callitriche stagnalis</i> Scop.'}
Gratiola neglecta Torrey [remove: Torrey ] (mud hedgehyssop, clammy hedgehyssop) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14761: Gratiola neglecta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14761>, 'images': ['20220810olymp3266cs', '20220810olymp3267cs', '20220810olymp3272cs', '20220810olymp3273cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Gratiola neglecta</i> Torrey'}
Linaria vulgaris P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (yellow toadflax, common Eurasian toadflax, butter-and-eggs) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11818: Linaria vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11818>, 'images': ['20210621olymp3624'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Linaria vulgaris</i> P.Miller'}
Plantago lanceolata L. [remove: L. ] (narrow-leaved plantain, English plantain, ribgrass plantain) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3966: Plantago lanceolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3966>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0654s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0654s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Plantago lanceolata</i> L.'}
Plantago major L. [remove: L. ] (common plantain, white man's foot) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3967: Plantago major>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3967>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1950'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Plantago major</i> L.'}
Veronica arvensis L. [remove: L. ] (corn speedwell, field speedwell) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13419: Veronica arvensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13419>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0658cs', '20200506olymp0655cs', '20200506olymp0653cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0658cs', '20200506olymp0655cs', '20200506olymp0653cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Veronica arvensis</i> L.'}
Veronica serpyllifolia L. ssp. serpyllifolia [remove: L. ] (thymeleaf speedwell) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13421: Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13421>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4065cs', '20200506olymp0681cs', '20200507olymp0959cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Veronica serpyllifolia</i> L. ssp. <i>serpyllifolia</i>'}
Platanaceae (Plane Family)
Platanus occidentalis L. [remove: L. ] (sycamore, western plane, American planetree) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12514: Platanus occidentalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12514>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4038cs', '20170926olymp7349s', '20170926olymp7348s', '20170926olymp7344s', '20170926olymp7343s', '20201002olymp4199s', '20201002olymp4198cs', '20180712olymp3828', '20130808ricoh4123sc', '20130808ricoh4123cs', '20200506olymp0688cs', '20200508olymp1006cs', '20200508olymp1015cs', '20200508olymp1014s', '20201002olymp4134s', '20201002olymp4133cs'], 'pubimages': ['20170926olymp7349s', '20170926olymp7348s', '20170926olymp7344s', '20201002olymp4199s', '20200506olymp0688cs', '20200508olymp1006cs', '20200508olymp1015cs', '20200508olymp1014s', '20201002olymp4134s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Platanus occidentalis</i> L.'}
Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)
Persicaria arifolia (L.) Haraldson [remove: (L.) Haraldson ] (halberdleaf tearthumb) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2841: Persicaria arifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2841>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3819'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria arifolia</i> (L.) Haraldson'}
Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small [remove: (Michx.) Small ] (false waterpepper smartweed, false water pepper, mild water pepper) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12098: Persicaria hydropiperoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12098>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4251cs', '20201004olymp4250cs', '20201004olymp4249cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria hydropiperoides</i> (Michx.) Small'}
Persicaria lapathifolia (L.) S.F.Gray [remove: (L.) S.F.Gray ] (dock-leaved smartweed, nodding smartweed, willowweed smartweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13321: Persicaria lapathifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13321>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4208cs', '20201004olymp4207cs', '20201004olymp4206s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria lapathifolia</i> (L.) S.F.Gray'}
Persicaria longiseta (Bruijn) Kitagawa [remove: (Bruijn) Kitagawa ] (Chinese smartweed, Oriental lady's thumb, bristly lady's thumb) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12778: Persicaria longiseta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12778>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4105cs', '20180613olymp2064'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4105cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria longiseta</i> (Bruijn) Kitagawa'}
Persicaria maculosa S.F.Gray [remove: S.F.Gray ] (lady's thumb smartweed, spotted lady's thumb) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11678: Persicaria maculosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11678>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3825'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria maculosa</i> S.F.Gray'}
Persicaria pensylvanica (L.) G.Maza [remove: (L.) G.Maza ] (Pennsylvania smartweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13322: Persicaria pensylvanica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13322>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4089cs', '20201004olymp4205cs', '20201004olymp4204cs', '20201004olymp4203cs', '20201004olymp4202cs', '20201004olymp4201'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4089cs', '20201004olymp4205cs', '20201004olymp4204cs', '20201004olymp4203cs', '20201004olymp4202cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria pensylvanica</i> (L.) G.Maza'}
Persicaria punctata (Ell.) Small [remove: (Ell.) Small ] (dotted smartweed) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2859: Persicaria punctata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2859>, 'images': ['20201004olymp4212s', '20201004olymp4211cs', '20201004olymp4210cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria punctata</i> (Ell.) Small'}
Persicaria virginiana (L.) Gaertner [remove: (L.) Gaertner ] (jumpseed, Virginia smartweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13324: Persicaria virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13324>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1270a', '20200508olymp1269s', '20200508olymp1268a', '20170926olymp7389cs', '20200529olymp1862cs', '20200529olymp1861cs', '20200515olymp1555cs', '20201006olymp4279cs', '20201006olymp4278cs', '20130808ricoh4113cs', '20130808ricoh4112cs', '20130808ricoh4087cs', '20130808ricoh4086cs', '20130808ricoh4084cs', '20200506olymp0929cs', '20200506olymp0927cs', '20200506olymp0926cs', '20200506olymp0889cs', '20200507olymp0966cs', '20200507olymp0965cs', '20200507olymp0964cs', '20200508olymp1195cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1269s', '20170926olymp7389cs', '20200529olymp1862cs', '20200529olymp1861cs', '20201006olymp4279cs', '20130808ricoh4113cs', '20130808ricoh4086cs', '20200506olymp0927cs', '20200506olymp0926cs', '20200506olymp0889cs', '20200508olymp1195cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria virginiana</i> (L.) Gaertner'}
Reynoutria japonica (Houtt.) R.Decr var. japonica [remove: Houtt. ] (Japanese knotweed) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2848: Reynoutria japonica var. japonica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2848>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1988', '20130808ricoh4114cs', '20130808ricoh4101cs', '20180427olymp0869cs', '20201002olymp4184cs', '20201002olymp4183s'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0869cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Reynoutria japonica</i> (Houtt.) R.Decr var. <i>japonica</i>'}
Reynoutria ×bohemica Chrtek & Chrtková [remove: Chrtek & Chrtková ] (Bohemian knotweed) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14242: Reynoutria ×bohemica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14242>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4119cs', '20200508olymp1121cs', '20200508olymp1120s'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4119cs', '20200508olymp1121cs', '20200508olymp1120s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Reynoutria ×bohemica</i> Chrtek & Chrtková'}
Rumex crispus L. ssp. crispus [remove: L. ] (curly dock) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12550: Rumex crispus ssp. crispus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12550>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3827', '20200506olymp0682s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0682s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rumex crispus</i> L. ssp. <i>crispus</i>'}
Rumex obtusifolius L. ssp. obtusifolius [remove: L. ] (redveined dock, bitter dock) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13371: Rumex obtusifolius ssp. obtusifolius>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13371>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0698cs', '20180702olymp3307'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0698cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rumex obtusifolius</i> L. ssp. <i>obtusifolius</i>'}
Primulaceae (Primrose Family)
Lysimachia ciliata L. [remove: L. ] (fringed loosestrife) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13282: Lysimachia ciliata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13282>, 'images': ['20171006olymp7823s', '20171006olymp7824cs', '20171006olymp7825cs', '20171006olymp7826cs', '20171006olymp7827cs', '20171006olymp7828cs', '20171006olymp7829s', '20171006olymp7830cs', '20171006olymp7831cs', '20171010olymp8009s', '20171010olymp8010cs', '20171010olymp8011cs', '20171010olymp8012cs', '20171006olymp7835cs', '20171006olymp7834cs', '20171006olymp7833s', '20171006olymp7832s', '20171005olymp7768cs', '20171005olymp7767s', '20171005olymp7766s', '20201002olymp4187cs', '20200722olymp2955cs', '20200722olymp2954s', '20180702olymp3281', '20180702olymp3282', '20180702olymp3283', '20180702olymp3284', '20180702olymp3285', '20180702olymp3286', '20180702olymp3287', '20180702olymp3300', '20180712olymp3762'], 'pubimages': ['20171006olymp7823s', '20171006olymp7827cs', '20171006olymp7830cs', '20171006olymp7831cs', '20171010olymp8009s', '20171005olymp7768cs', '20171005olymp7766s', '20201002olymp4187cs', '20200722olymp2955cs', '20200722olymp2954s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lysimachia ciliata</i> L.'}
Lysimachia nummularia L. [remove: L. ] (creeping loosestrife, creeping Jenny, moneywort) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3149: Lysimachia nummularia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3149>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4045', '20200515olymp1548cs', '20200515olymp1547s', '20200515olymp1542cs', '20200508olymp1210cs', '20200508olymp1205s', '20200508olymp1204s', '20200508olymp1204cs', '20200515olymp1539cs', '20201002olymp4061cs', '20180702olymp3263', '20180702olymp3264'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1548cs', '20200515olymp1547s', '20200515olymp1542cs', '20200508olymp1210cs', '20200508olymp1205s', '20200515olymp1539cs', '20201002olymp4061cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lysimachia nummularia</i> L.'}
Lysimachia quadrifolia L. [remove: L. ] (whorled loosestrife) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3151: Lysimachia quadrifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3151>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1515s', '20200515olymp1514cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1514cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lysimachia quadrifolia</i> L.'}
Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)
Actaea rubra (Aiton) Willd. [remove: (Aiton) Willd. ] (red baneberry) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2535: Actaea rubra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2535>, 'images': ['20200724olymp3112'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Actaea rubra</i> (Aiton) Willd.'}
Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia [remove: L. ] (wood windflower) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2539: Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2539>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0864cs', '20200506olymp0758s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0864cs', '20200506olymp0758s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Anemone quinquefolia</i> L. var. <i>quinquefolia</i>'}
Clematis terniflora DC. [remove: DC. ] (yamleaf virginsbower) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14767: Clematis terniflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14767>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4158cs', '20201002olymp4157cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4158cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Clematis terniflora</i> DC.'}
Ficaria verna ssp. bulbifer A.Löve & D.Löve [remove: A.Löve & D.Löve ] (lesser celandine, pilewort, fig crowfoot) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2566: Ficaria verna ssp. bulbifer>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2566>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0872cs'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0872cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ficaria verna</i> ssp. <i>bulbifer</i> A.Löve & D.Löve'}
Ranunculus acris L. [remove: L. ] (tall buttercup, tall crowfoot) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13352: Ranunculus acris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13352>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1940', '20180712olymp3800', '20180712olymp3801', '20200508olymp1028s', '20200508olymp1027cs', '20200508olymp1026cs', '20200508olymp1025s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1028s', '20200508olymp1027cs', '20200508olymp1026cs', '20200508olymp1025s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ranunculus acris</i> L.'}
Ranunculus bulbosus L. [remove: L. ] (bulbous buttercup, bulbous crowfoot, St. Anthony's turnip) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2563: Ranunculus bulbosus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2563>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1426cs', '20200515olymp1425cs', '20200515olymp1424cs', '20200515olymp1410s', '20200515olymp1409s', '20200515olymp1408cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1426cs', '20200515olymp1425cs', '20200515olymp1424cs', '20200515olymp1409s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ranunculus bulbosus</i> L.'}
Ranunculus repens L. [remove: L. ] (creeping buttercup, creeping crowfoot, spot-leaved crowfoot) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2577: Ranunculus repens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2577>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1952', '20200515olymp1523cs', '20200508olymp1180cs', '20200508olymp1180sc', '20200508olymp1176cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1523cs', '20200508olymp1180cs', '20200508olymp1180sc', '20200508olymp1176cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ranunculus repens</i> L.'}
Thalictrum pubescens Pursh [remove: Pursh ] (tall meadowrue) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10142: Thalictrum pubescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10142>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3786', '20180712olymp3787', '20200515olymp1432cs', '20200515olymp1431s', '20200508olymp1188cs', '20200508olymp1008cs', '20200508olymp1008s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1432cs', '20200508olymp1188cs', '20200508olymp1008cs', '20200508olymp1008s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Thalictrum pubescens</i> Pursh'}
Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn Family)
Frangula alnus P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (glossy buckthorn) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10139: Frangula alnus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10139>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1942'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Frangula alnus</i> P.Miller'}
Rhamnus cathartica L. [remove: L. ] (European common buckthorn, purging buckthorn) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3575: Rhamnus cathartica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3575>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0684cs', '20180613olymp1943'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0684cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhamnus cathartica</i> L.'}
Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr. [remove: Wallr. ] (common agrimony) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10127: Agrimonia gryposepala>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10127>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4070s', '20201002olymp4069cs', '20201002olymp4068cs', '20201002olymp4067cs', '20201002olymp4066cs', '20180713olymp3874cs', '20180713olymp3873cs', '20180713olymp3872cs', '20180713olymp3871cs', '20180713olymp3870cs', '20180613olymp1951', '20180712olymp3789cs', '20180712olymp3788s', '20200722olymp2937s', '20200722olymp2936cs', '20200722olymp2918cs', '20200722olymp2917cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4068cs', '20201002olymp4067cs', '20201002olymp4066cs', '20180713olymp3874cs', '20180713olymp3871cs', '20180713olymp3870cs', '20180712olymp3789cs', '20180712olymp3788s', '20200722olymp2937s', '20200722olymp2936cs', '20200722olymp2918cs', '20200722olymp2917cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Agrimonia gryposepala</i> Wallr.'}
Agrimonia striata Michx. [remove: Michx. ] (coarse agrimony, grooved agrimony, roadside agrimony) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16690: Agrimonia striata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16690>, 'images': ['20201006olymp4283cs', '20201006olymp4282cs', '20201006olymp4281cs', '20201006olymp4280s', '20180713olymp3901cs', '20180713olymp3900cs', '20180713olymp3899s', '20180713olymp3898s', '20180713olymp3897cs', '20180713olymp3896cs', '20180713olymp3896sc', '20180712olymp3778cs', '20180712olymp3776s', '20180712olymp3775cs', '20180712olymp3774cs', '20180712olymp3773cs', '20180712olymp3772cs', '20180712olymp3771cs', '20180712olymp3770cs', '20180712olymp3769cs', '20180712olymp3768s', '20180712olymp3767s', '20200507olymp0963cs', '20200507olymp0962s', '20200506olymp0708cs', '20201002olymp4160cs', '20201002olymp4159cs', '20200722olymp2953cs', '20200722olymp2952cs', '20200722olymp2951s', '20200722olymp2950cs', '20200722olymp2949cs', '20200722olymp2946cs', '20200722olymp2945cs', '20180702olymp3301', '20180702olymp3302'], 'pubimages': ['20201006olymp4283cs', '20201006olymp4282cs', '20201006olymp4280s', '20180713olymp3901cs', '20180713olymp3898s', '20180712olymp3776s', '20180712olymp3775cs', '20180712olymp3774cs', '20180712olymp3771cs', '20180712olymp3770cs', '20180712olymp3769cs', '20180712olymp3768s', '20200506olymp0708cs', '20201002olymp4160cs', '20201002olymp4159cs', '20200722olymp2950cs', '20200722olymp2949cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Agrimonia striata</i> Michx.'}
Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medik. [remove: (L.) Medik. ] (thicket shadbush, thicket serviceberry, eastern serviceberry, Canadian serviceberry, shadbush serviceberry, shadblow) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12296: Amelanchier canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12296>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0815cs', '20200506olymp0814cs', '20200506olymp0813cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0815cs', '20200506olymp0813cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Amelanchier canadensis</i> (L.) Medik.'}
Chaenomeles speciosa (Sweet) Nakai [remove: (Sweet) Nakai ] (Japanese flowering quince) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10128: Chaenomeles speciosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10128>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh3997cs', '20130808ricoh3996cs', '20130808ricoh3995cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh3997cs', '20130808ricoh3996cs', '20130808ricoh3995cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chaenomeles speciosa</i> (Sweet) Nakai'}
Cotoneaster divaricatus Rehd. & E.H.Wilson [remove: Rehd. & E.H.Wilson ] (spreading cotoneaster) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14765: Cotoneaster divaricatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14765>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1438s', '20200515olymp1437s', '20200515olymp1436cs', '20200515olymp1435', '20200515olymp1434cs', '20200515olymp1433cs', '20200529olymp1892cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1438s', '20200515olymp1437s', '20200515olymp1436cs', '20200515olymp1434cs', '20200529olymp1892cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cotoneaster divaricatus</i> Rehd. & E.H.Wilson'}
Crataegus brainerdii Sarg. [remove: Sarg. ] (Brainerd's hawthorn) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12976: Crataegus brainerdii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12976>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1406cs', '20200515olymp1405cs', '20200515olymp1404cs', '20170926olymp7399s', '20170926olymp7398cs', '20170926olymp7397cs', '20170926olymp7396cs', '20170926olymp7395cs', '20170926olymp7394s', '20200529olymp1845cs', '20200529olymp1843cs', '20200529olymp1842cs', '20200529olymp1839cs', '20200529olymp1838cs', '20200722olymp2908cs', '20201002olymp4050cs', '20201002olymp4049cs', '20201002olymp4048cs', '20201002olymp4047cs', '20201002olymp4046cs', '20201002olymp4045cs', '20201002olymp4044s', '20200508olymp1240cs', '20200508olymp1239cs', '20200508olymp1238sc', '20200508olymp1238cs', '20200508olymp1237cs', '20200508olymp1236s', '20200508olymp1235cs', '20200508olymp1234s', '20220810olymp3285', '20220810olymp3286', '20220811olymp3339cs', '20220811olymp3340cs', '20220811olymp3341cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1405cs', '20200515olymp1404cs', '20200529olymp1845cs', '20200529olymp1843cs', '20200529olymp1842cs', '20200529olymp1839cs', '20200529olymp1838cs', '20200508olymp1239cs', '20200508olymp1237cs', '20200508olymp1236s', '20200508olymp1234s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Crataegus brainerdii</i> Sarg.'}
Crataegus phaenopyrum (L.f.) Medik. [remove: (L.f.) Medik. ] (Washington hawthorn) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16199: Crataegus phaenopyrum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16199>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2507cs', '20180621olymp2506cs', '20180621olymp2505cs', '20180621olymp2504cs', '20180621olymp2503cs', '20180621olymp2502cs', '20180621olymp2501cs', '20180621olymp2500cs', '20180621olymp2499cs', '20180621olymp2498cs', '20180621olymp2497cs', '20180621olymp2497s', '20180621olymp2496cs', '20180621olymp2495cs', '20180620olymp2488s'], 'pubimages': ['20180621olymp2504cs', '20180621olymp2502cs', '20180621olymp2497cs', '20180621olymp2497s', '20180620olymp2488s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Crataegus phaenopyrum</i> (L.f.) Medik.'}
Fragaria virginiana ssp. virginiana [remove: Duchesne ] (thick-leaved wild strawberry) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13223: Fragaria virginiana ssp. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13223>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1293cs', '20200508olymp1292s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fragaria virginiana</i> ssp. <i>virginiana</i>'}
Geum canadense Jacq. var. canadense [remove: Jacq. ] (white avens) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13232: Geum canadense var. canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13232>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3266', '20180702olymp3267', '20180702olymp3268', '20180702olymp3270', '20180702olymp3271', '20180702olymp3272', '20180702olymp3274', '20130808ricoh4014', '20171010olymp8014s', '20171010olymp8013', '20171006olymp7807cs', '20171006olymp7806cs', '20171006olymp7806s', '20171006olymp7805cs', '20171006olymp7804cs', '20171006olymp7803s', '20171005olymp7779cs', '20171005olymp7778s', '20180427olymp0866s', '20180702olymp3292', '20180702olymp3293'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0866s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geum canadense</i> Jacq. var. <i>canadense</i>'}
Geum laciniatum Murray [remove: Murray ] (rough avens, floodplain avens, herb-bennet avens) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13233: Geum laciniatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13233>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2513', '20180621olymp2514', '20180621olymp2515', '20180621olymp2545', '20180621olymp2546', '20180613olymp2026', '20180613olymp2027', '20180613olymp2028', '20180613olymp2029', '20180613olymp2030', '20180613olymp2031', '20180613olymp2032', '20180613olymp2033', '20180613olymp2034', '20180613olymp2035', '20180613olymp2036', '20180613olymp2037', '20180613olymp2038', '20180613olymp2039', '20180613olymp2040', '20180613olymp2041', '20180613olymp2042', '20180613olymp2043', '20180613olymp2044', '20180613olymp2045', '20180613olymp2046', '20180702olymp3279', '20180702olymp3280', '20180702olymp3290', '20180702olymp3291', '20180702olymp3294', '20180702olymp3295', '20180702olymp3296', '20180702olymp3297', '20180702olymp3298', '20180702olymp3299', '20180712olymp3760', '20180712olymp3761', '20180620olymp2492cs', '20180620olymp2491cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geum laciniatum</i> Murray'}
Malus domestica (Suckow) Borkh [remove: (Suckow) Borkh ] (orchard apple, common apple) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13351: Malus domestica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13351>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1231s', '20200508olymp1230cs', '20201002olymp4192cs', '20201002olymp4191s', '20201002olymp4174cs', '20201002olymp4173cs', '20201002olymp4172cs', '20201002olymp4171cs', '20201002olymp4170cs', '20180613olymp2011', '20200515olymp1470cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1231s', '20200508olymp1230cs', '20200515olymp1470cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Malus domestica</i> (Suckow) Borkh'}
Malus floribunda Sieb. ex Van Houtte [remove: Sieb. ex Van Houtte ] (Japanese flowering crabapple) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12268: Malus floribunda>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12268>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4132cs', '20201002olymp4131s', '20201002olymp4130cs', '20201002olymp4129cs', '20201002olymp4128cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4131s', '20201002olymp4130cs', '20201002olymp4129cs', '20201002olymp4128cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Malus floribunda</i> Sieb. ex Van Houtte'}
Potentilla argentea L. [remove: L. ] (silver cinquefoil, silver-leaved cinquefoil) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3269: Potentilla argentea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3269>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4129cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4129cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla argentea</i> L.'}
Potentilla canadensis L. [remove: L. ] (dwarf cinquefoil) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3271: Potentilla canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3271>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1185cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1185cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla canadensis</i> L.'}
Potentilla indica (Andr.) T.Wolf [remove: (Andr.) T.Wolf ] (Indian strawberry) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14032: Potentilla indica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14032>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1565cs', '20200515olymp1567cs', '20200508olymp1275cs', '20200508olymp1274cs', '20200508olymp1273cs', '20200508olymp1272cs', '20200508olymp1271s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1565cs', '20200515olymp1567cs', '20200508olymp1275cs', '20200508olymp1274cs', '20200508olymp1273cs', '20200508olymp1271s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla indica</i> (Andr.) T.Wolf'}
Potentilla recta L. [remove: L. ] (sulphur cinquefoil, rough-fruited cinquefoil) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3278: Potentilla recta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3278>, 'images': ['20180621olymp2517'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla recta</i> L.'}
Prunus avium (L.) L. [remove: (L.) L. ] (sweet cherry) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12158: Prunus avium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12158>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0918cs', '20200506olymp0917s', '20200506olymp0916s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0918cs', '20200506olymp0917s', '20200506olymp0916s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunus avium</i> (L.) L.'}
Prunus serotina Ehrh. var. serotina [remove: Ehrh. ] (black cherry) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3297: Prunus serotina var. serotina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3297>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0645s', '20180613olymp2065'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0645s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunus serotina</i> Ehrh. var. <i>serotina</i>'}
Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana [remove: L. ] (chokecherry) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3300: Prunus virginiana var. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3300>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0820s', '20200506olymp0819s', '20200506olymp0818s', '20200506olymp0754s', '20200506olymp0753cs', '20200506olymp0752s', '20200506olymp0736cs', '20200506olymp0735cs', '20200515olymp1560s', '20200515olymp1558cs', '20200506olymp0909s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0820s', '20200506olymp0819s', '20200506olymp0753cs', '20200506olymp0752s', '20200506olymp0735cs', '20200515olymp1560s', '20200515olymp1558cs', '20200506olymp0909s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunus virginiana</i> L. var. <i>virginiana</i>'}
Pyrus communis L. [remove: L. ] (common European pear) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13349: Pyrus communis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13349>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1264s', '20200508olymp1263s', '20200508olymp1262cs', '20200508olymp1259cs', '20200508olymp1258s', '20200508olymp1257s', '20200508olymp1256s', '20200508olymp1255s', '20200508olymp1254s', '20200508olymp1253cs', '20200508olymp1252cs', '20200508olymp1251cs', '20200508olymp1249s', '20201002olymp4148cs', '20201002olymp4149s', '20200515olymp1442cs', '20200515olymp1441s', '20200515olymp1440cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1264s', '20200508olymp1262cs', '20200508olymp1259cs', '20200508olymp1256s', '20200508olymp1255s', '20200508olymp1254s', '20200508olymp1253cs', '20200508olymp1252cs', '20200508olymp1251cs', '20200508olymp1249s', '20200515olymp1442cs', '20200515olymp1441s', '20200515olymp1440cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pyrus communis</i> L.'}
Rhodotypos scandens (Thunb.) Makino [remove: (Thunb.) Makino ] (black jetbead, white kerria) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3302: Rhodotypos scandens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3302>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1291s', '20200508olymp1290s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1291s', '20200508olymp1290s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhodotypos scandens</i> (Thunb.) Makino'}
Rosa multiflora Thunb. ex Murray [remove: Thunb. ex Murray ] (multiflora rose, rambler rose) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3311: Rosa multiflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3311>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0689', '20200508olymp1099cs', '20200508olymp1098s', '20200508olymp1097cs', '20200508olymp1096cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1099cs', '20200508olymp1098s', '20200508olymp1096cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rosa multiflora</i> Thunb. ex Murray'}
Rubus allegheniensis Porter [remove: Porter ] (Allegheny blackberry, common blackberry) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3319: Rubus allegheniensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3319>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3840', '20180712olymp3841', '20130808ricoh4056', '20180702olymp3308'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus allegheniensis</i> Porter'}
Rubus occidentalis L. [remove: L. ] (black raspberry) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3330: Rubus occidentalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3330>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4081cs', '20180702olymp3303'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4081cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus occidentalis</i> L.'}
Sorbus aucuparia L. [remove: L. ] (European mountain ash) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12736: Sorbus aucuparia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12736>, 'images': ['20180702olymp3288', '20200508olymp1184cs', '20200508olymp1183cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1184cs', '20200508olymp1183cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sorbus aucuparia</i> L.'}
Spiraea alba var. latifolia (Aiton) Dippel [remove: (Aiton) Dippel ] (broad-leaved white meadowsweet) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12062: Spiraea alba var. latifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12062>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1164cs', '20200508olymp1163cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1164cs', '20200508olymp1163cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Spiraea alba</i> var. <i>latifolia</i> (Aiton) Dippel'}
Spiraea betulifolia Pall. [remove: Pall. ] (birchleaf spirea, white meadowsweet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 17155: Spiraea betulifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17155>, 'images': ['20200529olymp1854cs', '20200529olymp1853cs', '20200529olymp1852s', '20200529olymp1851s', '20200529olymp1850cs', '20200529olymp1849s'], 'pubimages': ['20200529olymp1854cs', '20200529olymp1853cs', '20200529olymp1852s', '20200529olymp1851s', '20200529olymp1850cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Spiraea betulifolia</i> Pall.'}
Rubiaceae (Coffee Family)
Cephalanthus occidentalis L. [remove: L. ] (common buttonbush) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4107: Cephalanthus occidentalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4107>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4097cs', '20130808ricoh4020cs', '20200506olymp0902cs', '20200506olymp0901s', '20180712olymp3799'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4097cs', '20200506olymp0902cs', '20200506olymp0901s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cephalanthus occidentalis</i> L.'}
Galium aparine L. [remove: L. ] (scratch bedstraw, cleavers) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13225: Galium aparine>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13225>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1036c', '20200508olymp1036cs', '20200508olymp1155cs', '20200508olymp1154cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1036c', '20200508olymp1036cs', '20200508olymp1155cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Galium aparine</i> L.'}
Galium mollugo L. [remove: L. ] (whorled white bedstraw, field madder) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12864: Galium mollugo>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12864>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4033', '20200508olymp1308s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1308s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Galium mollugo</i> L.'}
Salicaceae (Willow Family)
Populus alba L. [remove: L. ] (white poplar) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 5390: Populus alba>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5390>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1013cs', '20200508olymp1013s', '20200508olymp1012s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1013cs', '20200508olymp1013s', '20200508olymp1012s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Populus alba</i> L.'}
Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. ssp. deltoides [remove: Bartr. ex Marsh. ] (eastern cottonwood, necklace poplar) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 5392: Populus deltoides ssp. deltoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5392>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1199cs', '20200508olymp1126cs', '20200508olymp1125cs', '20200508olymp1124s', '20200508olymp1122cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1199cs', '20200508olymp1126cs', '20200508olymp1125cs', '20200508olymp1124s', '20200508olymp1122cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Populus deltoides</i> Bartr. ex Marsh. ssp. <i>deltoides</i>'}
Salix atrocinerea/cinerea complex [remove: complex ] (rusty and ash willow with hybrids) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14346: Salix atrocinerea/cinerea s.l.>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14346>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1219s', '20200508olymp1218s', '20200508olymp1217s', '20201002olymp4190s', '20200515olymp1506cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Salix atrocinerea/cinerea</i> complex'}
Salix atrocinerea/cinerea × S. bebbiana [remove: ] (rusty/ash willow × Bebb's willow) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11898: Salix atrocinerea/cinerea × S. bebbiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11898>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1140s', '20200508olymp1139cs', '20200508olymp1138cs', '20200508olymp1136cs', '20200508olymp1135cs', '20200508olymp1134cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1140s', '20200508olymp1139cs', '20200508olymp1138cs', '20200508olymp1136cs', '20200508olymp1135cs', '20200508olymp1134cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Salix atrocinerea/cinerea × S. bebbiana</i> '}
Salix nigra Marsh. [remove: Marsh. ] (black willow) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11237: Salix nigra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11237>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4395cs', '20201009olymp4394s', '20220810olymp3283'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Salix nigra</i> Marsh.'}
Salix ×fragilis L. pro sp. [remove: L. pro sp. ] (brittle willow (white willow × West Asian willow)) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11240: Salix ×fragilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11240>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1572cs', '20200506olymp0898cs', '20200506olymp0801s', '20200506olymp0800cs', '20200506olymp0799s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1572cs', '20200506olymp0800cs', '20200506olymp0799s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Salix ×fragilis</i> L. pro sp.'}
Salix ×sepulcralis Simonkai [remove: Simonkai ] (golden weeping willow (white willow × Babylon willow)) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16781: Salix ×sepulcralis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16781>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1226s', '20200508olymp1225s', '20200508olymp1224s', '20200508olymp1223cs', '20130808ricoh4066cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1226s', '20200508olymp1225s', '20200508olymp1224s', '20200508olymp1223cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Salix ×sepulcralis</i> Simonkai'}
Sapindaceae (Soapberry Family)
Acer negundo var. negundo [remove: L. ] (boxelder) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 14334: Acer negundo var. negundo>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14334>, 'images': ['20180427olymp0864cs', '20180427olymp0863cs', '20200506olymp0644cs', '20180613olymp2004'], 'pubimages': ['20180427olymp0864cs', '20180427olymp0863cs', '20200506olymp0644cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer negundo</i> var. <i>negundo</i>'}
Acer platanoides L. [remove: L. ] (Norway maple) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7002: Acer platanoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7002>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0852cs', '20200506olymp0851cs', '20200506olymp0726s', '20130808ricoh4134cs', '20200506olymp0939s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0852cs', '20200506olymp0851cs', '20200506olymp0726s', '20130808ricoh4134cs', '20200506olymp0939s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer platanoides</i> L.'}
Acer pseudoplatanus L. [remove: L. ] (sycamore maple) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7003: Acer pseudoplatanus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7003>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1064s', '20200508olymp1063cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1064s', '20200508olymp1063cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer pseudoplatanus</i> L.'}
Acer rubrum L. [remove: L. ] (red maple) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7004: Acer rubrum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7004>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0825cs', '20200506olymp0824cs', '20200506olymp0798s', '20200506olymp0797cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0825cs', '20200506olymp0798s', '20200506olymp0797cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer rubrum</i> L.'}
Acer saccharinum L. [remove: L. ] (silver maple) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12518: Acer saccharinum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12518>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1566cs', '20200506olymp0691cs', '20200506olymp0690cs', '20180613olymp2082', '20180613olymp2083', '20171005olymp7789'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1566cs', '20200506olymp0691cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer saccharinum</i> L.'}
Acer saccharum Marsh. var. saccharum [remove: Marsh. ] (sugar maple) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 7005: Acer saccharum var. saccharum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7005>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4195cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4195cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer saccharum</i> Marsh. var. <i>saccharum</i>'}
Aesculus hippocastanum L. [remove: L. ] (horse chestnut) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10126: Aesculus hippocastanum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10126>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1035cs', '20200508olymp1034s', '20200508olymp1033cs', '20200508olymp1032s', '20200515olymp1484cs', '20200515olymp1483cs', '20200515olymp1482s', '20200515olymp1479cs', '20200515olymp1478cs', '20200515olymp1477cs', '20200529olymp1872cs', '20200529olymp1871cs', '20200529olymp1870cs', '20200529olymp1869s', '20200529olymp1868cs', '20200529olymp1867cs', '20200529olymp1866cs', '20200515olymp1485cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1035cs', '20200508olymp1034s', '20200508olymp1033cs', '20200508olymp1032s', '20200515olymp1484cs', '20200515olymp1483cs', '20200515olymp1482s', '20200515olymp1479cs', '20200515olymp1477cs', '20200529olymp1869s', '20200529olymp1868cs', '20200529olymp1867cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aesculus hippocastanum</i> L.'}
Aesculus parviflora Walt. [remove: Walt. ] (bottlebrush buckeye) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 17152: Aesculus parviflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17152>, 'images': ['20200515olymp1420cs', '20200515olymp1419cs', '20200515olymp1418cs', '20200515olymp1417s', '20200515olymp1415cs', '20200515olymp1414s', '20200515olymp1413cs', '20200515olymp1412cs', '20200515olymp1411cs', '20170926olymp7406cs', '20170926olymp7405cs', '20170926olymp7404s', '20200529olymp1860cs', '20200529olymp1859s', '20200529olymp1858s', '20200529olymp1857cs', '20200722olymp2907cs', '20200722olymp2906s', '20200722olymp2903cs', '20200722olymp2902s'], 'pubimages': ['20200515olymp1417s', '20200515olymp1415cs', '20200515olymp1414s', '20200515olymp1413cs', '20200515olymp1412cs', '20200515olymp1411cs', '20170926olymp7406cs', '20170926olymp7404s', '20200529olymp1860cs', '20200529olymp1859s', '20200529olymp1858s', '20200529olymp1857cs', '20200722olymp2907cs', '20200722olymp2906s', '20200722olymp2903cs', '20200722olymp2902s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aesculus parviflora</i> Walt.'}
Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family)
Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh [remove: Pursh ] (lance-leaved figwort, American figwort) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16229: Scrophularia lanceolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16229>, 'images': ['20220811olymp3345cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Scrophularia lanceolata</i> Pursh'}
Verbascum densiflorum Bertol. [remove: Bertol. ] (dense-flowered mullein) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16298: Verbascum densiflorum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16298>, 'images': ['20220811olymp3342cs', '20220811olymp3343cs', '20200506olymp0669cs', '20200506olymp0669s'], 'pubimages': ['20220811olymp3342cs', '20220811olymp3343cs', '20200506olymp0669cs', '20200506olymp0669s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Verbascum densiflorum</i> Bertol.'}
Verbascum thapsus L. [remove: L. ] (common mullein) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 4048: Verbascum thapsus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4048>, 'images': ['20180613olymp1998'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Verbascum thapsus</i> L.'}
Simaroubaceae (Quassia Family)
Ailanthus altissima (P.Miller) Swingle [remove: (P.Miller) Swingle ] (tree-of-heaven) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3622: Ailanthus altissima>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3622>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4049cs', '20180712olymp3793', '20200508olymp1144cs', '20200508olymp1143s', '20200508olymp1031s', '20200508olymp1030cs'], 'pubimages': ['20130808ricoh4049cs', '20200508olymp1144cs', '20200508olymp1143s', '20200508olymp1031s', '20200508olymp1030cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ailanthus altissima</i> (P.Miller) Swingle'}
Solanaceae (Nightshade Family)
Solanum carolinense L. var. carolinense [remove: L. ] (Carolina nightshade, Carolina horsenettle) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11592: Solanum carolinense var. carolinense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11592>, 'images': ['20200722olymp2960cs', '20200722olymp2959cs', '20200722olymp2958cs', '20200722olymp2957cs', '20200722olymp2956cs', '20180712olymp3751', '20180712olymp3752', '20180712olymp3753', '20180712olymp3754', '20171005olymp7788'], 'pubimages': ['20200722olymp2960cs', '20200722olymp2959cs', '20200722olymp2958cs', '20200722olymp2957cs', '20200722olymp2956cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solanum carolinense</i> L. var. <i>carolinense</i>'}
Solanum dulcamara var. dulcamara [remove: L. ] (climbing nightshade, bittersweet nightshade, deadly nightshade) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3772: Solanum dulcamara var. dulcamara>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3772>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4043', '20180712olymp3777', '20200508olymp1153cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1153cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solanum dulcamara</i> var. <i>dulcamara</i>'}
Solanum emulans Raf. [remove: Raf. ] (eastern black nightshade) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11740: Solanum emulans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11740>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4064s', '20201002olymp4063cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4064s', '20201002olymp4063cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solanum emulans</i> Raf.'}
Ulmaceae (Elm Family)
Ulmus americana L. [remove: L. ] (American elm, white elm) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2617: Ulmus americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2617>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0770', '20200506olymp0769', '20200506olymp0734cs', '20200506olymp0733', '20200506olymp0876s', '20200506olymp0875cs', '20200506olymp0874cs', '20180613olymp2076', '20180613olymp2077', '20180613olymp2078'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0876s', '20200506olymp0875cs', '20200506olymp0874cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ulmus americana</i> L.'}
Ulmus pumila L. [remove: L. ] (Siberian elm, dwarf elm) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12262: Ulmus pumila>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12262>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0937cs', '20200506olymp0936cs', '20200506olymp0935c', '20200506olymp0934cs', '20200506olymp0933s', '20200506olymp0932s', '20200508olymp1132s', '20200508olymp1131s', '20200508olymp1130cs', '20200508olymp1129s', '20200508olymp1128cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0937cs', '20200506olymp0936cs', '20200506olymp0934cs', '20200506olymp0933s', '20200506olymp0932s', '20200508olymp1132s', '20200508olymp1131s', '20200508olymp1130cs', '20200508olymp1128cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ulmus pumila</i> L.'}
Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino [remove: (Thunb.) Makino ] (Japanese zelkova) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 16166: Zelkova serrata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16166>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0751cs', '20200508olymp1312cs', '20200508olymp1311cs', '20200508olymp1310cs', '20200508olymp1309cs', '20180427olymp0862s', '20200506olymp0882cs', '20200506olymp0881cs', '20200506olymp0880cs', '20200506olymp0879cs', '20200506olymp0792s', '20200506olymp0791s', '20200506olymp0923s', '20200506olymp0922cs', '20180613olymp1963', '20180613olymp1964', '20180613olymp1965'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0751cs', '20200508olymp1312cs', '20200508olymp1311cs', '20200508olymp1310cs', '20200508olymp1309cs', '20180427olymp0862s', '20200506olymp0881cs', '20200506olymp0879cs', '20200506olymp0792s', '20200506olymp0923s', '20200506olymp0922cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Zelkova serrata</i> (Thunb.) Makino'}
Urticaceae (Nettle Family)
Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. [remove: (L.) Sw. ] (small-spiked false nettle, bog hemp) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12640: Boehmeria cylindrica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12640>, 'images': ['20201002olymp4185cs', '20200722olymp2923cs'], 'pubimages': ['20201002olymp4185cs', '20200722olymp2923cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Boehmeria cylindrica</i> (L.) Sw.'}
Urtica dioica L. [remove: L. ] (European stinging nettle) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12666: Urtica dioica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12666>, 'images': ['20171005olymp7760cs', '20200506olymp0861s', '20200506olymp0860cs', '20180427olymp0871cs', '20200508olymp1141cs', '20200508olymp1137cs'], 'pubimages': ['20171005olymp7760cs', '20200506olymp0860cs', '20180427olymp0871cs', '20200508olymp1141cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Urtica dioica</i> L.'}
Urtica gracilis Aiton [remove: Aiton ] (slender stinging nettle) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12668: Urtica gracilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12668>, 'images': ['20130808ricoh4013cs', '20171006olymp7853cs', '20171006olymp7852cs', '20170928olymp7455', '20170928olymp7456', '20170928olymp7457', '20170928olymp7458', '20200722olymp2910s', '20200722olymp2909cs'], 'pubimages': ['20171006olymp7853cs', '20171006olymp7852cs', '20200722olymp2910s', '20200722olymp2909cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Urtica gracilis</i> Aiton'}
Verbenaceae (Vervain Family)
Verbena urticifolia L. var. urticifolia [remove: L. ] (white vervain) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 11820: Verbena urticifolia var. urticifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11820>, 'images': ['20180712olymp3829', '20180712olymp3757', '20180712olymp3759'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Verbena urticifolia</i> L. var. <i>urticifolia</i>'}
Violaceae (Violet Family)
Viola affinis Leconte [remove: Leconte ] (Leconte's violet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2953: Viola affinis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2953>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0967s', '20200508olymp1201s', '20200508olymp0995cs', '20200508olymp0994cs', '20200508olymp0993cs', '20200508olymp0992cs', '20200506olymp0897cs', '20200506olymp0895cs', '20200506olymp0893cs', '20200506olymp0796cs', '20200506olymp0795s', '20200506olymp0794cs', '20200508olymp1039cs', '20200508olymp1038cs', '20200508olymp1037s'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0967s', '20200508olymp0995cs', '20200508olymp0993cs', '20200508olymp0992cs', '20200506olymp0897cs', '20200506olymp0893cs', '20200506olymp0796cs', '20200506olymp0795s', '20200508olymp1037s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola affinis</i> Leconte'}
Viola cucullata Aiton [remove: Aiton ] (marsh blue violet) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2947: Viola cucullata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2947>, 'images': ['20200509olymp1319c', '20200509olymp1316cs', '20200508olymp1010s', '20200508olymp1009cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200509olymp1316cs', '20200508olymp1010s', '20200508olymp1009cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola cucullata</i> Aiton'}
Viola primulifolia L. [remove: L. ] (primrose-leaf violet) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 12824: Viola primulifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12824>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1200s', '20200508olymp1200cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1200s', '20200508olymp1200cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola primulifolia</i> L.'}
Viola pubescens var. pubescens [remove: Aiton ] (downy yellow violet) DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 2960: Viola pubescens var. pubescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2960>, 'images': ['20210621olymp3618', '20210621olymp3619', '20210621olymp3620'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola pubescens</i> var. <i>pubescens</i>'}
Viola pubescens var. scabriuscula Schwein. ex Torr. & A.Gray [remove: Schwein. ex Torr. & A.Gray ] (smooth yellow violet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 17123: Viola pubescens var. scabriuscula>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17123>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0718cs', '20200506olymp0717s', '20200506olymp0716a', '20200506olymp0715cs', '20200506olymp0714s', '20200506olymp0713cs', '20200506olymp0712s', '20200506olymp0711cs', '20200508olymp0974cs', '20200506olymp0722cs', '20200506olymp0721s', '20200506olymp0720s', '20200506olymp0719s', '20210613olymp3421', '20210613olymp3422', '20210613olymp3423', '20200508olymp1297s', '20200508olymp1296s'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0718cs', '20200506olymp0716a', '20200506olymp0715cs', '20200506olymp0714s', '20200506olymp0711cs', '20200506olymp0721s', '20200506olymp0720s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola pubescens</i> var. <i>scabriuscula</i> Schwein. ex Torr. & A.Gray'}
Viola sagittata var. ovata (Nutt.) Torrey & A.Gray [remove: (Nutt.) Torrey & A.Gray ] (ovate-leaf violet) photos: [1] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 13483: Viola sagittata var. ovata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13483>, 'images': ['20200506olymp0647cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200506olymp0647cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola sagittata</i> var. <i>ovata</i> (Nutt.) Torrey & A.Gray'}
Viola sororia Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (common blue violet, woolly blue violet) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 10146: Viola sororia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10146>, 'images': ['20200508olymp0973cs', '20200508olymp0972cs', '20200508olymp0971cs', '20200508olymp0970cs', '20200508olymp0969cs', '20200508olymp0968cs', '20210613olymp3424', '20210613olymp3425', '20180702olymp3273', '20180613olymp1978', '20200508olymp1053cs', '20200508olymp1052cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp0973cs', '20200508olymp0971cs', '20200508olymp0970cs', '20200508olymp0969cs', '20200508olymp1053cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola sororia</i> Willd.'}
Viola ×bissellii House [remove: House ] (Bissell's violet (marsh blue × common blue)) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15507: Viola ×bissellii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15507>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1306s', '20200508olymp1305cs', '20200508olymp1304cs', '20200508olymp1303cs', '20200508olymp1302cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1306s', '20200508olymp1305cs', '20200508olymp1304cs', '20200508olymp1303cs', '20200508olymp1302cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola ×bissellii</i> House'}
Vitaceae (Grape Family)
Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata (Maxim.) Momiy [remove: (Maxim.) Momiy ] (Amur peppervine, porcelain berry) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3576: Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3576>, 'images': ['20170926olymp7400s', '20170926olymp7352cs', '20170926olymp7350cs', '20170926olymp7347s', '20170926olymp7346s', '20170926olymp7345s', '20201006olymp4272cs', '20201006olymp4271cs', '20201006olymp4270cs', '20201009olymp4372cs', '20201009olymp4370s', '20180712olymp3842', '20130808ricoh4106cs', '20201002olymp4138s', '20201002olymp4135s'], 'pubimages': ['20201006olymp4271cs', '20201002olymp4138s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ampelopsis glandulosa</i> var. <i>brevipedunculata</i> (Maxim.) Momiy'}
Parthenocissus inserta (Kerner) Fritsch [remove: (Kerner) Fritsch ] (thicket creeper, grape woodbine) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 15218: Parthenocissus inserta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15218>, 'images': ['20201009olymp4373', '20201009olymp4375cs', '20201009olymp4374cs', '20201013olymp4586cs', '20201013olymp4585cs', '20180613olymp2003'], 'pubimages': ['20201009olymp4375cs', '20201009olymp4374cs', '20201013olymp4586cs', '20201013olymp4585cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parthenocissus inserta</i> (Kerner) Fritsch'}
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planchon [remove: (L.) Planchon ] (Virginia creeper) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: by :: {'species': <Name: 3577: Parthenocissus quinquefolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3577>, 'images': ['20200508olymp1280s', '20200508olymp1276s', '20130808ricoh4118cs', '20130808ricoh4116cs', '20130808ricoh4079', '20180613olymp2006', '20180613olymp2007', '20200508olymp1133cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200508olymp1280s', '20200508olymp1276s', '20130808ricoh4118cs', '20130808ricoh4116cs', '20200508olymp1133cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parthenocissus quinquefolia</i> (L.) Planchon'}

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