´╗┐Canada Mayflower, False Lily-of-the-valley

Maianthemum canadense

A low-growing shade-tolerant perennial plant producing a multitude of low (3-6-inch-tall) shoots, each with 1-3 shiny dark green oval leaves. Shoots with a single leaf are immature and will not flower until the second year. It spreads by rhizomes, forming carpet-like colonies and blanketing the forest floor. In late May tiny white flowers are held in upright festive clusters of 12-25 on each delicate stem. In summer fruits develop in the form of small 1/8-inch berries spotted green at first, then becoming pale red. The berries may be poisonous and are of limited value to wildlife.

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May 16, Norris Res., Norwell

May 28, Blue Hills Res., Milton

October 1, Blue Hills Res., Canton