´╗┐Striped Pipsissewa, Striped Wintergreen

Chimaphila maculata

A native perennial evergreen wildflower forming patches, as its leafy sprouts are connected by underground runners. It is easily identified by the light-colored stripe along the midrib of the dark green leaf. It favors well-drained acidic sandy soil in the dry uplands of Alper Preserve. Small clusters of fragrant white to pinkish nodding flowers, likely pollinated by bumblebees, occur in July. After pollination the flower stalks straighten, and fruits become upright. In winter leaves often turn from dark green to deep purple. Foliage has been valued through the ages as a tonic, tea, diuretic, and curative by native peoples, homesteaders, and Civil War doctors. It is avoided by deer.

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July 10, Falmouth

October 31, Halfway Pond, Plymouth