This list covers Salicicola Plant Gallery additions from May 2012 to January 2013. [June 1 to January ##] About one hundred plant names {exact count excluded Vernonia]: 91 :: this will be invisible or removed} were added, , but [[some/one [Vernonia] of them aren't shown below (e.g., most those from former year backlogs) including one historic species, 9 rare, and 10 watch-listed. At least 15 of photographed plants represent new county or state records. {16} Links are provided to available photos for each species and to a few explicitly selected photos [ ]
Lespedeza stuevei — Stueve's bush-clover
Historic — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth (from 2010 backlog)
Calamagrostis pickeringii — Pickering's reedgrass
Endangered — Plymouth — 2 new locations; one of them — a favorite (illegal) spot for ORV riders
Sabatia campanulata — slender marsh-pink
Endangered — Falmouth
Rhynchospora nitens — short-beaked baldsedge
Threatened — Plymouth
Utricularia resupinata — resupinate bladderwort
Threatened — Plymouth (2 ponds)
Dichanthelium wrightianum — Wright's panic grass
Special Concern — Hyannis
Special Concern — Plymouth, Hyannis
Polygonum puritanorum — pondshore smartweed
Special Concern — Plymouth
Rhynchospora scirpoides — long-beaked baldsedge
Special Concern — Plymouth (many locations)
Utricularia subulata — slender, subulate, or zigzag bladderwort
Special Concern — Plymouth
Eleocharis melanocarpa — black-fruited spike-rush
Watch-Listed — Plymouth. Many new finds and old photos ID'd in 2012
Eleocharis rostellata — saltmarsh spikerush, beaked spikerush
Watch-Listed — Dennis
Equisetum pratense — meadow horsetail
Watch-Listed — Heath
Equisetum variegatum — variegated scouring rush
Watch-Listed — from New Hampshire
Lycopus amplectens — pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound
Watch-Listed — Plymouth (many locations)
Populus balsamifera — balsam poplar
Watch-Listed — Lee
Salix serissima — autumn willow
Watch-Listed — Sheffield
Scleria reticularis — pondshore nutsedge
Watch-Listed — Plymouth (many locations)
Stachys hyssopifolia — hyssop hedge-nettle
Watch-Listed — Plymouth and a known location in Hyannis
Viola rostrata — long-spurred violet
Watch-Listed — Williamstown, an old find, formerly misidentified
Sparganium eurycarpum — giant bur-reed
Unclear status in MA — Boston (Readville) and Milton
Indeterminate status in MA — Massasoit National Wildlife Refuge, Plymouth
Viburnum nudum var. nudum — smooth witherod
New for Massachusetts — Along railroad track, Cutler Park, Needham (railroad introduction or possible mis-ID)
Delosperma cooperi (Mesembryanthemum cooperi) — Cooper's hardy iceplant, trailing iceplant
New for Massachusetts — introduced from South Africa
New for Massachusettsinvasive — Apparently, this is not a new plant but rather a new name for Massachusetts plant list. Following the treatment of Phragmites by Tzvelev (1976, 2012), we are transferring many of our reed records in eastern Massachusetts from P. australis to P. altissimus, a Mediterranean species. Alternatively, giant reed may be treated as a subspecies of P. australis.
Euonymus sieboldiana — Siebold's euonymus
New for Massachusetts — introduced — Escaped from Arnold Arboretum to Allandale Woods, Boston
Ilex crenata — Japanese holly or box-leaved holly
New for Massachusetts — introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth. A second spotting of ours in the wild. The previous had been on S Ponkapoag Pond shore, Blue Hills Res., Canton, 2007.
Geranium thunbergii — dewdrop crane's bill
New for Suffolk County — introduced — in Arnold Arboretum lawns, Boston
New for Plymouth County — introduced from Asia — Plymouth. Escaped from cultivation. Identification not yet certain, may prove to be a new species in Massachusetts
New for Plymouth County — introduced — on Plymouth Long Beach road
Barbarea stricta — upright yellow rocket
New for Plymouth County — introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Cenchrus spinifex — coastal sandbur
New for Plymouth County — introduced — Plymouth
Melissa officinalis — lemon balm
New for Plymouth County — introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Mentha x villosa — woolly mint
New for Plymouth County — introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Echium creticum — Cretian viper's bugloss
New for Norfolk County — introduced — Found along railroad in Cutler Park, Needham. Had been previously known only as a waif from Middlesex Co.
Boston. A possible introduction from Arnold Arboretum to nearby Allandale Woods or else a form of red maple
Chamaecrista fasciculata — partridge pea
Cladium mariscoides — twig-sedge
Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum — pondshore panic-grass
Hyannis, Plymouth
Dichanthelium spretum — smooth panic grass
Plymouth. One of the most common species in this area
Myles Standish SF, Plymouth, ponds. Segregation of Fernald's varieties is not currently accepted; however, plants we have observed vary so strikingly that their differences cannot be ignored and might be best described within these varieties.
Myles Standish SF, Plymouth, ponds
Eleocharis palustris — creeping spike-rush
Blue Hills Res., Milton
Eleocharis robbinsii — Robbins' spike-rush
A very common plant in Plymouth ponds, but seen flowering for the first time
Eleocharis tuberculosa — tubercled spikerush
Eleocharis uniglumis — saline spike-rush, one-glumed spike-rush
First seen 2011, ID 2012, Ellisville Saltmarsh, Plymouth
Equisetum x litorale — shore horsetail
from New Hampshire
Eragrostis pectinacea — tufted lovegrass
Galium obtusum — blunt-leaved bedstraw or large marsh bedstraw
From 2011 backlog, Needham
Gratiola neglecta — mud hedge-hyssop
Helianthemum propinquum — low frostweed, low rockrose
Hieracium scabrum — rough hawkweed
Juncus acuminatus — sharp-fruited rush
Juncus militaris — bayonet rush
Leersia oryzoides — rice cut-grass
Mentha canadensis — American field mint
Najas gracillima — slender naiad
Panicum verrucosum — Warty panic-grass
Potamogeton bicupulatus — hairlike pondweed
Potamogeton gramineus — grassleaf pondweed
Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Potamogeton pulcher — spotted pondweed
Boxford (from 2009 backlog)
Rhynchospora macrostachya — big-headed horned sedge
Plymouth, Hyannis
Rumex orbiculatus (britannica) — great water dock
Sudbury (and Wareham?)
Salix lucida — shining willow
Heath, and North Walpole, New Hampshire
Scirpus smithii — Smith's club-sedge
Scirpus subterminalis — water bulrush, floating bulrush
Myles Standish SF, Plymouth, ponds
Strophostyles helvola — beach bean
Found as adventive plant, Boston
Triplasis purpurea — purple sandgrass
Egeria densa — Brazilian waterweed, Brazilian elodea
invasive — A known location in Framingham
Abutilon theophrasti — velvet-leaf
introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Aira caryophyllea — silvery hairgrass
introduced — Wareham (from 2011 backlog)
Aquilegia vulgaris — garden columbine, European columbine
introduced — Along road, Randolph
Arctium lappa — great burdock
introduced — Boston, Plymouth
Calamagrostis epigeios — feathertop, bushgrass
introduced — Plymouth
Chenopodium glaucum — oak-leaf goosefoot
introduced — Plymouth
Clematis terniflora — yam-leaf clematis
introduced — Dennis
Cotoneaster divaricatus — spreading cotoneaster
introduced — Dennis
Fragaria x ananasa — garden strawberry
introduced — Middlesex Fells Res., Medford (from 2011 backlog)
Helianthus tuberosus — Jerusalem artichoke
introduced — Must be deliberate introduction to a small wetland in Allandale Woods, Boston
Hieracium piloselloides — smooth hawkweed
introduced — Plymouth
Lespedeza cuneata — Chinese bush-clover
introduced — Plymouth, Falmouth. Formerly misidentified, corrected by Tom Palmer
Lycopus europaeus — European water horehound
introduced — Houghton's Pond, Blue Hills Res., Milton (from 2011 backlog)
Pinus nigra — Austrian pine
introduced — Planted. Old photos, formerly misidentified. Quincy
Poa annua — annual bluegrass
introduced — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Scrophularia nodosa — wood figwort
introduced — Plymouth
Viola tricolor — garden violet
introduced — Myles Standish SF, Carver (perhaps a waif).
Other (not new species for Salicicola)
Endangered. This is a previously known location. Our point is that trucks are enjoying access to the pond while going literally through the population of the endangered plant!
Lychnis flos-cuculi — ragged robin
Introduced from Europe. New for Suffolk County
Lonicera maackii — Amur honeysuckle
Introduced from Asia. InvasiveNew for Suffolk County (must have escaped the Arboretum grounds)
Froelichia gracilis — slender cottonweed
In addition to previously reported locations in Plymouth and Barnstable Co., a large portion of Rt. 3 (roughly Exit 13 through 15) is now taken by this plant. Besides, it has been noticed along Rt. 93 between Exit 3 to 5 (new for Norfolk Co.) We apologize for photo quality: photographed on the go; an attempt to reach those areas on foot was unsuccessful.
Buddleja davidii — butterfly bush, summer lilac
Already recorded from Barnstable, Middlesex, and Plymouth Co. This is a fourth location for wild-growing butterfly bush in Massachusetts and the second in Plymouth Co. known to us. Considered invasive in many countries
Epigaea repens — trailing arbutus, mayflower
first time spotted in fruit
Helianthemum canadense — longbranch frostweed
We don't know how common the autumn chasmogamous flowering in Helianthemum is. During the phenologically abnormal season of 2012, we observed it multiple times in late August/September
Honckenya peploides — seabeach sandwort
in flower
Drosera filiformis — thread-leaf sundew
in flower
Sabatia campanulata
slender marsh-pink
Utricularia resupinata
resupinate bladderwort
Lachnanthes caroliniana
Utricularia subulata
slender, subulate, or zigzag bladderwort
Scleria reticularis
pondshore nutsedge
Sparganium eurycarpum
giant bur-reed
Polygonum careyi (Persicaria careyi)
Carey's smartweed
Delosperma cooperi (Mesembryanthemum cooperi)
Cooper's hardy iceplant, trailing iceplant
Cenchrus spinifex
coastal sandbur
Chamaecrista fasciculata
partridge pea
Eleocharis robbinsii
Robbins' spike-rush
Eleocharis tuberculosa
tubercled spikerush
Rhynchospora macrostachya
big-headed horned sedge

26 Jan 2013 (I. Kadis & A. Zinovjev)
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