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Eastern Massachusetts Vascular Plants
Generated from XML database. Contains references to about a thousand pages dedicated to plant species, genera, and families with thumbnails for each species. The thumbnails provide links to medium-size images with captions. There is a total of 34,918 photos referring to 2,003 species showing them at different phenological stages. (Last updated 31 December 2021)
Alternative view with taxonomy following the Massachusetts County Checklist (2011, First Revision) and links to maps for invasive plant species
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Results of Field Season 2017 (2018-03-12)
Results of Field Season 2016 (2017-01-14 -- 2017-02-27)
Results of Field Season 2015 (2016-05-12)
Results of Field Season 2014 (2015-01-31 - 2015-03-15)
Results of Field Season 2013 (2014-02-14)
Results of Field Season 2012 (2013-01-26)
Field trip reports: Hull, 2013. Interactive map using ACME GeoRSS Map Viewer (2013-11-15)
Eastern Massachusetts Non-Vascular Plants
Liverworts, mosses, algae & lichens: 45 species, 130 photos, 147 images; with version for mobile devices. 12 March 2018.
Annual plant quiz (published on April 1) [2018 [2017] [2016] [2015] [2014] [2013] [2012] [2011] [2010] [2009] [2008] [2007] [2006]
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Events (presentations, workshops, and field walks)
Spring Walk in Myles Standish State Forest (May 8, 2016)
Plants observed during the walk
Willow Workshop at NEWFS (April 23, 2016)
Illustrated Key to Massachusetts Willows (HTML, Simplified HTML, Text-Only, PDF)
Species Factsheets (Salix sericea, S. petiolaris, S. eriocephala, S. nigra)
The Six Ponds Plant Survey Presentation (March 6, 2016)
Slide show (photos of low resolution)
Summary listing (found plants and their distribution across ponds)
Pond integrity comparison (graphs)
Photo gallery with links to maps (wherever available; locations of rare plants not shown)
Invasive Plants
Invasive plants at Salicicola
In addition to officially listed species, we discuss a few more alien species that might be added to the list of invasive plants in Massachusetts.
Listing by county [alphabetic] [taxonomical] [by habit]
Submitted reports
Buddleja davidii at Tidmarsh Farms 2011 [1] [2] [3]
Salix cinerea (and S. atrocinerea) at Tidmarsh Farms 2011 [1] [2] [3] [4]
Salix atrocinerea at Beaver Dam Pond, Tidmarsh Farms 2011 [1] [2] [3] [4]
Akebia quinata in Milton [1] [2] [3]
Lespedeza thunbergii ssp. formosa in Myles Standish State Forest, Plymouth [1] [2] [3]
Cabomba caroliniana in Myles Standish State Forest, Plymouth [1] [2] [3]
Cabomba caroliniana in Weymouth Great Pond, Weymouth [1] [2] [3]
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Plants of the Great South Pond at Cortelli Preserve, Plymouth (2 December 2018)
Plants of Tidmarsh Farms and Vicinity (26 March 2018)
Plants of Savery Pond (16 November 2017)
Full list of plants found at Savery Pond
Photo gallery
Comparison with other Plymouth ponds
Plymouth Long Beach plant list (26 January 2013)
Ellisville Narsh plant list (last updated 12 November 2012)
Cutler Park plant list (last updated 15 March 2015)
Myles Standish State Forest plant list (last updated 1 February 2018)
Blue Hills Reservation plant list (last updated 15 March 2015)
Bald Hill Reservation plant list (last updated 1 Apr 2011)
Willows of Massachusetts (last updated 30 Dec 2010) previous updates: 1 Sep 2010 15 July 2010 11 Nov 2008; 3 Mar 2010;
Historic willow samples Discovered at the Arnold Arboretum Herbarium (18 Dec 2006 )
Gall-making sawflies on Salicaceae (Northeastern US) (10 Sep 2006)
Boxford State Forest
Boxford Forest
Open letter and plant inventory (13 Aug 2008)
Plant inventory of the proposed harvest area (last updated 12 Jul 2009; for the entire Bald Hill Reservation list see 'Checklists')
Slide shows (see here)
Slide Shows
Remarkable trees in and around Boston (created Jan 2010; 21 photos)
Massachusetts invasive plants (vines): Oriental bittersweet, mile-a-minute, kudzu, chocolate vine (created Sep 2009; 15 photos)
Found in Boxford Forest: August 2008 [fungi] [herbs] [woody plants] [other] (created Nov 2008; 81 photos)
Three days in Colorado: August 2008 (created Sep 2008; about 250 photos, 67 plant species)
Salicicola Notes
by A. Zinovjev, I. Kadis (referenced from other sections)
Northeast Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix Analysis (11 Jun 2017)
Slender blueflag (Iris prismatica Pursh) in Massachusetts (15 Nov 2013)
Another consequence of global warming? A case of Buddleja davidii regeneration in Massachusetts (21 Mar 2011)
Japanese shore juniper (Juniperus conferta Parl.) found naturalized in southeastern Massachusetts (31 Mar 2011 - 23 May 2011)
Norway spruce: yet another invasive tree in New England (1 Feb 2010 - 24 Dec 2010) [first version at]
Sheep's Bit (Jasione montana): A new invasive? (9 Aug 2009)
S. atrocinerea identification in winter (1 Feb 2007)
Late-Summer drought of 2007 (12 Sep 2007)
Comparison of Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea (20 Nov 2006)
Evidence of phenological anomaly: 1-18 December 2006 (4, 18 Dec 2006)
Identification of Salix lucida Muhl. (15 Jul 2010)
Willows of Massachusetts: Salix x meyeriana Rostk. (= S. pentandra x S. euxina) found in Winchester, eastern Massachusetts (A. Zinovjev, 2 Jun 2011)
Willows of Massachusetts: A forgotten willow Salix x meyeriana Rostk. ex Willd. (= S. pentandra x S. euxina) found in the Arnold Arboretum (A. Zinovjev, 30 Dec 2010 - 28 May 2011)
Exploring Frost Pockets in Myles Standish Forest (19 Jul - 24 Dec 2010)
Short Notes: Plant of the Month
Starflower Puzzles I. Kadis (27 May 2013) Printable version / pdf (29 May 2013)
Flowering when honey is harvested I. Kadis (23 Oct 2013)
The secrets of grape ferns, Botrychium I. Kadis (10 Dec 2013)
Salicicola Articles
A. Zinovjev 2018. Pondshore dodder (Cuscuta coryli Engelm.), a watch-listed species in Massachusetts (23 Dec 2018)
A. Zinovjev, I. Kadis 2009. Salix atrocinerea and related willows in eastern Massachusetts (26 Jan 2009)
Text and illustrations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [text only]: an earlier HTML version of the booklet with the same title
I. Kadis and A. Zinovjev 2008 The alien rusty willow Salix atrocinerea: A possibility of hybridization with American willows (21-31 Jul 2008) illustrations: [1] [2]
A. Zinovjev and I. Kadis 2008 European rusty willow S. atrocinerea in eastern Massachusetts (1 Feb--1 Mar 2008)
map: Salix atrocinerea, S. cinerea, and their hybrids with American willows
I. Kadis 2005 Chosenia II: An amazing tree of Northeast Asia (6 Feb 2005)
I. Kadis 2003 Chosenia I: A long way to the west (22 Sep 2003)
Salicicola Translations (by I. Kadis)
Alexey Konstantinovich Skvortsov. Biographic essay (compiled from two articles to 60th and 85th anniversary of his birth). (26 Feb 2006)
A. K. Skvortsov 2002. Systematics on the threshold of the 21st century: Traditional principles and basics from the contemporary viewpoint (abridged translation) (9 May - 31 December 2007) -- 5 links to external sites broken
A. K. Skvortsov, Yu. K. Maitulina, Yu. N. Gorbunov 1983. Cultivated black-fruited aronia: place, time, and probable mechanism of formation. (30 Dec 2010)
A. K. Skvortsov, Yu. K. Maitulina 1982. On distinctions of cultivated black-fruited aronia from its wild ancestors. (30 Dec 2010)
A. K. Skvortsov 1973 Present distribution and probable primary range of brittle willow (Salix fragilis L.) (1 Jan 2008)
A. K. Skvortsov 1971 Examples of close Euro-American connections: Two Mediterranean species of Salix (31 March 2007)
A. K. Skvortsov 1966 On some willows from the Indian Himalaya (23 Aug 2007)
A. K. Skvortsov 2002 A new system of the genus Betula L.--the birch (19 Dec 2004)
A. K. Skvortsov 1955 The willows of Central European Russia and their identification during the wintertime (21 Sep 2003)
A.G. Zinovjev 1982 Significance of concealed feeding habits in the evolution of sawflies of the subfamily Nematinae (22 Sep 2003) [Archived]
Memorable Dates
In Memory of A. K. Skvortsov. The 90th Anniversary (9 February 2010)
Are willows really that difficult for identification (presented at the New England Botanical Club meeting on 8 Jan 2010 by Irina Kadis and Alexey Zinovjev. converted to HTML slide show on 1 Feb 2010). To see captions, press 'T' button
Alexey K. Skvortsov (9 February 1920--8 May 2008) Obituary
List of publications (1947-2005)
Carl Linnaeus 300th anniversary (May 2007) [Archived]
A. N. Zhelochovtsev: Centennial anniversary (1903-2003) (22 Sep 2004) [Archived]
Publications and list of sawflies described by A.N. Zhelochovtsev (1903-1976)
Books and Book Advertisements
Alexey K. Skvortsov 1999. Willows of Russia and adjacent countries. Out of print.
Full text pdf file (6 Mbs).
Index to geographic names
Sample pages (pdf files): [1-4] [11] [64-73] [74] [99] [103] [123] [125]
Dominique M. Collet 2002 and 2004 Willows of Southcentral Alaska. Willows of Interior Alaska
Peter W. Price 2003 Macroevolutionary theory on macroecological patterns
Matti Viitasaari, ed. 2002. Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Sawflies I
A. Zinovjev and I. Kadis 2009 Salix atrocinerea and related willows in eastern Massachusetts
Salicicola Mapping (referenced from other sections)
Salix atrocinerea and hybrids: map of Massachusetts examined populations
Putative hybrids of S. bebbiana and S. atrocinerea in Massachusetts
Salix cinerea in Massachusetts
Salicicola Photo Gallery: Animals
Amphibians (2019-07-20)
Reptiles: snakes (2019-07-20)
Reptiles: turtles (2019-07-20)
Birds (2020-12-30)
Salicicola Resources for Mobile Devices
Pages for Tidmarsh Farms, Plymouth:
GPS Visualizer map showing locations of plants tagged along the interpretive trail (QR-coded labels)
Links to descriptions of plants tagged along the interpretive trail
Text-only plant finder (plant listings corresponding to certain coordinates)
Pages for Alper Preserve, Plymouth:
GPS Visualizer map showing locations of plants tagged along the interpretive trail (QR-coded labels)
Links to descriptions of plants tagged along the interpretive trail
List of plants found in the Preserve and its immediate surroundings (at pond margins)
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